USA v Venezuela: World Baseball Classic quarter-finals – live!

USA v Venezuela: World Baseball Classic quarter-finals – live!.

USA v Venezuela, World Baseball Classic quarter-finals –

This could be Lynn’s last hitter and Suárez is not going to make it easy on him. He builds up a full count but finally gets him to strike out to end the fourth inning.

It is in Major League Baseball, but the WBC is still operating under 2022 rules. So, if you’re a hardcore fan of defensive infield shifts, you should cherish every remaining WBC game.

Trout is up next, with two out and a runner still on second. He works a solid at-bat, seeing eight pitches before hitting a line drive right into a fielder’s glove to end the inning.

Betts is up next with one out, runners on second and third. García gets ahead of him 0-2, maybe Venezuela can get out of this jam without a run. Betts fouls off the next pitch. Still 0-2. He hits a fly that’s just long enough to score Schwarber.

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