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Chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday said the foundation stone-laying ceremony for the Ram temple has marked the end of a 500-year-long wait and thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for paving way for construction of the temple through a democratic and constitutional process.

“A 500-year-long wait for this historical day culminated today because of Prime Minister Modi. The wishes of India’s 135 crore people and the well-wishers of Sanatan Dharma followers have been fulfilled,” said Adityanath who began his address with couplets from the Ramcharitmanas of sage Tulsidas.

After the ceremony, Adityanath said that the power of Indian democracy and judiciary had shown the world how solutions to problems can be found through democratic and constitutional means.

Attributing the initiation of temple construction to the PM Modi, he said, “Prime Minister’s foresight and wisdom paved the way for peaceful resolution of Ram temple issue.”

“In this 500-year-long struggle, many brave men and women laid down their lives. The struggle went on for this goal. Prime Minister Modi showed that the resolution of the problem through peaceful means was possible. We could fulfil the dream of Ram temple because we abided by the constitution,” the chief minister said.

“Deepotsav ceremony was started in Ayodhya three years ago. Now, it is getting materialised (by bhoomi pujan). Work is in progress on the Ramayan circuit. Now, development of Ayodhya will take place,” said the chief minister while addressing the gathering on the Ram Janmabhoomi campus after the bhoomi pujan.

“Our country believes in ‘Vasudev Kutubhkam’ i.e. world is one family. We believe in taking everyone along. Today is a new beginning of a new India,” he said while addressing the gathering.

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