7 myths standing in the way of Ukraine’s victory

7 myths standing in the way of #Ukraine’s victory - #Russia.

7 myths, the way, Ukraine

Despite all the cruelty and hatred unleashed by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s regime, Ukraine continues to resist its aggressor — and it is ready to fight until victory.

A year ago, many doubted Ukraine. They suggested that in days — at most weeks — Russia would seize Kyiv. And some of those voices who proved to be so manifestly wrong then are now brandishing “peace plans,” nudging Ukraine to accept concessions on its sovereignty and territorial integrity in exchange for Russia’s agreement to end the war.

Ukraine has already busted that claim by retaking territory from Russia’s control — from the outskirts of Kyiv to Kharkiv and Kherson. Ukrainians have the will to fight and an effective strategy to reclaim all of what belongs to them. Instead, it is our pace of support that hinders their ability to act faster, and ultimately raises the death toll.

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