Bill Gates is arguably the worlds most eligible bachelor now that hes divorcing his wife, Melinda, and Tinders got a message for any potential catfishers ... dont swim in this dating pool!!!

The online dating platform is making sure folks who are looking for love dont fall hook, line and sinker for a Bill Gates impersonator ... telling us theyve got some serious tools to make sure anyones plan to pose as Bill will fail.

As for the big safeguard ... in order to verify a Tinder profile, users must scan their mug with facial recognition software to make sure a user matches his or her uploaded profile pics. Someone posing as Bill would almost certainly be busted.

Profiles are also reviewed and scanned for any oddities before going live ... and if someone does make it through the system, other users can flag it to Tinder employees for a closer look and for further verification.

A rep for Tinder tells us they do not yet have information available on how many fake Bill profiles have tried to launch since Melinda filed for divorce.

Now, if youre trying to get with Bill ... you might be better off sending a direct message on social media, instead of swiping through Tinder ... but youll have to get in line, because lots of folks are sliding into Bills DMs.

As we reported ... Bills been lining his estranged wifes pockets with billions in stock ever since they announced their divorce after 27 years of marriage, so Melinda Gates is quite the eligible bachelorette as well.

So, if youre looking to match with a celeb, you might be better served hoping to run across Ben Affleck on Raya ... just dont "unmatch" him thinking hes a catfish!!!

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