Boris Johnson Doubles Down on Vaccine Strategy as His Popularity Wanes

Updated: September 15th, 2021 06:05 PM IST

Why is all the Covid research coming out of Israel? Grateful to Israel (kudos to them) but where is the United States of America? Our health agencies have 20x the data &funding, yet have not provided the data we need to inform our Covid strategy.

Boris Johnson Doubles Down on Vaccine Strategy as His Popularity Wanes

The U.S. spends lavishly on healthcare yet can’t answer basic questions about Covid-19. Some of the best research has come from Israel. American public health agencies should be producing data on breakthrough infections, boosters and natural immunity. But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has failed to provide the information needed to inform a sound Covid strategy.

Israel began its vaccine rollout with Pfizer in December, only days after the U.S. But Israel kept good data, reported them out frequently and quickly, and used them to track subsequent Covid infections. When the White House announced its plan to recommend a booster shot for all Americans, it cited Israeli data. The World Health Organization and others criticized the plan, calling the evidence insufficient, and in what seemed like a coordinated protest, two top scientists at the Food and Drug Administration abruptly resigned.

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