Brazil Bolsonaro: Facebook told to block accounts of presidents supporters

Brazil Bolsonaro: Facebook told to block accounts of president’s supporters

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On Friday Brazil’s Supreme Court fined Facebook 1.92m reais ($368,000; £280,000) for refusing to block worldwide access to the accounts – it had only agreed to block access to accounts that could accessed from Brazil – and a further 100,000 reais for each day it failed to comply.

“Given the threat of criminal liability to a local employee, at this point we see no other alternative than complying with the decision by blocking the accounts globally, while we appeal to the Supreme Court,” it said.

Among the accounts blocked are those of Roberto Jefferson, leader of a party loyal to the president, and Luciano Hang, one of Brazil’s best known businessmen.

In July Facebook blocked dozens of accounts on Facebook and Instagram which it said were involved in creating “fictitious personas posing as reporters” and “masquerading as news outlets”.

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