China’s ‘Big Three’ close in on full domestic traffic recovery

How is it that China has now returned to normal (pool parties in Wuhan), yet the western world is facing down the barrel of another crippling lockdown?

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Emerce eDay: E-commerce in China uitgediept

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@latimes The Chinese love Biden so much that they give his son millions, and Biden sends all our Business/production there while China continue to destroy the environment as one the worlds largest gross polluters. Lets do something to save mother earth and vote Trump.

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@_covid19bot_ Country: China Confirmed: 90219 Deaths: 4735 Recovered: 85101


@ChicoDuBar Sementes da China


Overprivileged white sexpat got paid more than his Chinese peers and he still end up calling China a regime

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WTO says China tariffs violate trade rules; House members to stay until ... via @YouTube

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@MichaelPSenger @Cuetip4 Most important Twitter thread ever. Seriously. Ppl need to understand that lockdowns were pseudoscientific BS pushed on us so fear & isolation would create body count. This may wake ppl up so they can see obvious lies of Gates, Fauci, Tedros & others involved w/ China. Kudos.

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@Jai_____Bhim @VarunRdCR7 China is being very aggressive these days so we have to test more and more!

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@chollowayhill @Hoosiers1986 @realDonaldTrump Blame China, not Trump!

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1/2 Does anyone have thoughts on this arricle thats more familiar with immunology or COVID19? The authors are claiming china did make the virus Like most people in science im a bit of a skeptic but just glancing through this paper it looks fairly legit.

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In coronavirus vaccine race, China inoculates thousands before trials are completed

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@GeneralGuile2 @Lets_Dex Como por exemplo; -Mourão disse que se a oferta da Huawei fosse atraente aos olhos dele ele iria implantar esse 5g da China no Brasil, e vamos ser todos espionados.

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We need to read up on the history of forced sterilization among POC, the poor, etc. by nazis, America, and even China rn. To “control” (or get rid of) the population. This isn’t new. This is NOT OKAY. It’s history repeating itself. It’s a tactic.

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@Reuters China inoculates thousands before trials are completed ==> who are being inoculated? Ppl in Xinjiang!!!! Never trust and use vaccines from China. #ccp_is_terrorist #chinaliedpeopledie #chinesevirus

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@500Startups This is a building revolution! The future of building and skyscraper construction is here! Today, buildings are being built using technology in the USA-Upbrella Construction,in Austria-Hickory Building Systems,in the UK-Jump Lift, in China their technologies ..

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@danielnorwick @Morning_Joe @MSNBC Are you going to apologize to Tom Cotton and finally put the blame of Covid where it belongs, China?

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Read This: Steve Bannon Is Behind Bogus Study That China Created COVID

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TOI Edit Page : On shifting, unstable ground: India faces harsh realities as it navigates the China challenge and a swiftly changing world

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back to blaming China

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I think Govt should brief leaders of opposition parties about factual situation on Indo China border so that they have clear perception n do not issue statements, referred by other countries to embarrass us,leaders of political parties are patriotic n will always be with nation

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@climate Tell China and India

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@sureshseshadri1 @prasad_perla @DhananjayParkhe @KSMANN @shytigress @ArunDeshpande20 @sbk1963 @corpliazon @keeranl @deepaknkhanna @Pankutty1 @jackkanoi @bshariharan @neerangautam @SreeAiyerrRS @Savitritvs @ChowkidarChokra @Diptang01274703 @JoyKarmaker75 @Murali76133156 @Am_dilip1 @NetaNiyanta @puffin_pipe @Visalmama @Bharatwashi1 @nalini51purohit @i__Mystic @subodhshivbodh @MONU1941 @tmmenon @KaushikDesai16 @desai_ujjwala @WishMaster2019 @arunsg @BollyDawood @GhatakSumona @Hritu_6 @sunitpanna @SwethaAjeeth @MLDhar4 @mohana5121966 @SanataniLakshmi @athavale_abhi @Sachin_vedic @Captsandeep2 @vijayanpinarayi @SitaramYechury @globaltimesnews @rajnathsingh No one can trust or guarantee if it works or not bcuz world has already thier faulty kits ..They have only made original virus accept that everything is faulty by made in China

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SHOCKING: Twitter Shuts Down Account of Chinese Professor Who Has Evidence China Created the Coronavirus in a Lab

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How is it that China has now returned to normal (pool parties in Wuhan), yet the western world is facing down the barrel of another crippling lockdown?

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