Covid infections in Canada edge closer to US rate

Covid infections in Canada edge closer to US rate

Covid infections in Canada edge closer to US rate Photo

"Around the world, countries are facing a very serious third wave of this pandemic," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned during a news conference on Tuesday. "And right now, so is Canada."

Canada has recorded more than one million positive cases and 23,000 deaths from Covid-19, according to Johns Hopkins University. Its neighbour to the south, the US, has recorded nearly 31 million cases and over 559,000 deaths from Covid.

Johns Hopkins University data shows that Canadas Covid rate relative to population has risen to 180 cases per one million people as of Tuesday. This means there are around 180 new virus cases, per million residents, each day.

The US is now seeing about 196 Covid cases per one million people, significantly lower than the more than 700 cases per million it was recording in January.

"Weve been somewhat blind to our overall performance internationally because were sitting right next door to the United States and the disaster that clearly was their experience during this pandemic," Ontario Hospital Association president Anthony Dale told the National Post.

"They have clearly experienced much worse outcomes overall than Canada, make no mistake. However, its the future Im worried about, and were trending in a worrisome direction in comparison to them when it comes to community spread."

More than 90% of those cases involve the variant first identified in the UK, which now appears to have replaced the original strain of the virus in some areas.

Cases of the Brazil variant have doubled in the past week and there have been nearly 300 cases of the South Africa variant discovered in provinces across the vast country.

Ontario, the most populous province with 14 million residents, is instituting a strict four-week lockdown, closing all non-essential in-person retail shopping and schools starting on Thursday.

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