Fact-checking Matt Hancocks Covid claims

If you don’t want to read the entirety of this fact-checking of Matt Hancock’s Covid claims I’ll summarise it for you in 2 words: He lied.

Fact-checking Matt Hancocks Covid claims Photo

His evidence came two weeks after the prime ministers former adviser Dominic Cummings made a series of allegations - weve looked at several of the points Mr Hancock made at the latest hearing.

The report says: "The NHS provider organisations we spoke to told us that, while they were concerned about the low stocks of PPE, they were always able to get what they needed in time."

It cites surveys by bodies such as the Royal College of Nursing (in April and May 2020) showing that a "significant proportion of participating care workers, doctors and nurses reported having insufficient PPE, even in high-risk settings".

It adds that "government structures were overwhelmed in March 2020" and that while the government did then set up structures to obtain PPE, that "it took a long time for it to receive the large volumes of PPE ordered".

There was also guidance issued by the government in April 2020 (and since withdrawn) telling front-line staff what they should do to cope with "acute shortages" of PPE.

Mr Hancock was asked whether failing to test people who were discharged from hospital into care homes early in the first wave, had contributed to the spread of coronavirus there.

However, this estimate comes with some major caveats. It is based on positive tests of care home residents but we know that, early on in the pandemic, testing in these settings was limited.

So, the analysis misses people who spread the virus but hadnt been tested because they didnt show symptoms, or because there werent enough tests available.

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