If You Have 5 Years, Take a Look at JetBlue Airways Stock

100% going to be one of those moments we look back on in 5-10 years as a precursor to something worse and all the people you see celebrating it today will be oh-so-confused

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Devin Albertson ()

@LukeSanders14 Also, difficult to compare Dallas (Dirk and a bunch of good/solid vets who played above their head) to Denver (young and upcoming talents) right now. We may look back in 5 years and say duh. Jokic, Murray and MPJ are all studs and we just didn’t realize it yet.

CreaterOfChaos ()

@Joshimations I feel that. 2015 was a hell of a starting point for shit to go down. 2020 is the starting point of hey get your shit together and move forward get through the BS an cry later. itll be another pin point in my life to look back on later in another 5 years. you got this 💪💛🤘 https://t.co/0htV04JgCa

Brownlow Primary ()

Years 5/6 take a look at an exciting opportunity for a new Open Event at John Ferneley College. Places are booking fast #secondaryschool #METschools https://t.co/aRKQCZBRQG

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Kathleen DeSando ()

@ArtofTyShe @seanhannity We already see Trumps whole family on the payroll, but you don’t see that. You don’t see they took money from the 911 fund and a charity? No, only look at Biden’s son. The Republicans have controlled the Senate for 5 years. Why haven’t they started looking at the cookie jar yet?


2020 in 5-10 years could be a year that we all look back on and love for the lessons it taught us

Hee-see ♡ ()

swear if you want to date a guy with a low number you have to look for 5 years younger

StrandedFalcon ()

Isis you Fucking Goddess! I’m gonna lick your face like a puppy. I’m gonna be your love slave. I’ll wait outside the bathroom while you pee. And when u come out I’ll look at u like I haven’t seen you in 2.5 million years. Seconds without u feels like days.

BA ()

@DementedMinx This was 9 years ago 5 minutes after I put them nose to nose. They kinda just ignored each other. White one came from the pound and a couple of weeks later the black white came from Exxon. Been together day/night since. Look how slim. https://t.co/KuKMn6qAjG

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Moe Zelon ()

Also remember when we were doing icebreakers in my speech class last year and one thing I said about myself is that I studied japanese for 5 years and went to Japan on a school trip and one girl said yeah you look like it

Matt Berman🖊 ()

The left is obsessed with the singular events they clung to trying to call Trump racist, like this comment about illegal immigrants from Mexico. Look, I produced a song 5 years ago being critical of this myself. But I got over it and have never seen Trump be a racist President. https://t.co/YxbqbAKk5J

Perry Perrett, Author ()

I believe that we are seeing the end of 50 United States. Our current circumstances as a country are shifting the population and the demographics. We are living in one of the significant events of this nation. The question is, what will we look like in 4 to 5 years?

Kraig Bowers ()

@TheRebuildingYr We haven’t even been in these convos as a serious candidate in how long? It’s still a win if we don’t land him. The Carsen bump from how he played in tourney AND how P have him the green light is real. Look at next two recruiting classes compared to 5 years before....

Ahab ()

@rennyzucker You get a pretty nice dividend from a company that sells a highly addictive product. The way I see it, the market got way too optimistic, reached for yield and overpaid for a solid, but mature business. I suspect the next 5 years will look better.

Pj ()

@realDonaldTrump Oh shit, if I were you Alaska, I’d be worried! These are the lying words before a complete change. Look at the last 3.5 years. Sorry, Alaska!

𝑬𝑵𝑲𝑰 ᥫ᭡ ()

1 . Hahaha . . I am . . Maybe over 5,000 to 6,000 years old ! But I’ve been told I don’t look a day over twenty !

Yeff ()

I’m gonna be 31 y’all that’s IT I’m done I’m gonna crawl under a rock (At least I look like... 5 years younger no?)

Dennis#ContinueBlueWave2020 ()

So so sad, America is now trusted less than Putin and Xi Jinping per a Pew research poll. Look what 3.5 years of Trump leadership has done to us

Brian Larris ()

@guardian please stop publishing content from Arwa Madawi. Her opinions are leftist radical garbage. I promise I will get a premium subscription for 5 years if you stop publishing her. She makes your organization look radical and ignorant.

Itzel🌻 ()

I wonder if guys from middle school and high school look at me and think “damn she looks different” cause I was a whole different person 5 years ago

Bob Johnson ()

Trump has a severe literacy problem & it shows. He constantly confuses Climate with weather.Just because it snows in New York in Oct. is weather not climate.The planet saw the 5 hottest years ON RECORD in the last 5 years. Look no further then massive glaciers falling apart.

Jasmine Agency ()

The average lifespan of a website is about 2.5 years. When was your website last updated? @HuemorDesigns points out 7 key signs to look for to determine whether or not it may be time to refresh your website. https://t.co/YZC7Jzw77V #webdesign

Joey Bagga Donuts ()

Trimmed too much off the stash and had to go naked. A coworker said I looked 5 years younger, a second coworker said I looked 5 years old not 5 years younger...I still look old 🤷🏻‍♂️ https://t.co/EPAlul12vF

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El Barstardo ()

@olawdy1 @LovingNihilist @Lysnos1 @N0nEuclidean @FullCommie @elononlyfans Give it 5 years and there will be a dick pick nostalgia resurgence, where we will all look back on those days fondly...

Astronomy Magazine ()

In five million years, the sky will look a little different. The constellations will be unrecognizable, and many of the stars we can see today will have moved significantly. https://t.co/BTsPACjmyg

Eoin Higgins ()

100% going to be one of those moments we look back on in 5-10 years as a precursor to something worse and all the people you see celebrating it today will be oh-so-confused https://t.co/Y7iuBZRfwD

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