In Pictures: G7 leaders attend a summit in Cornwall

In Pictures: A sculpture made entirely from waste electronic items has been built in the style of Mount Rushmore and has been placed near the venue of the #G7 summit.

In Pictures: G7 leaders attend a summit in Cornwall Photo

Dubbed Mount Recyclemore, the piece is based on Mount Rushmore in the US, but instead depicts the seven politicians including UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The sculpture, made from old mobile phones, computers and even vacuum cleaners, aims to highlight the huge environmental threat of electronic waste as leaders prepare to discuss how to tackle climate change and build a greener future.

One of the main artists, Joe Rush, who was commissioned to make the work said he hoped it would shine a light on the need to deal with harmful e-waste.

"Lets try and build things that we can repair, lets build things that last longer, lets not have the newest thing every time, lets find a way to deal with this before we just get buried under it," Rush said.

Steve Oliver, 50, the co-founder and group CEO of musicMagpie, said he hoped the artwork would raise awareness toward the global problem e-waste problem.

Rupert Manley, 60, a retired GP and a member of a climate action group based in nearby St Ives, said he hoped the G-7 summit would be a "turning point in our approach to environmental problems, to humanity".

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