India May Widen Relief; Olympic Viewings Face Axe: Virus Update

India May Widen Relief; Olympic Viewings Face Axe: Virus Update

India May Widen Relief; Olympic Viewings Face Axe: Virus Update Photo

(Bloomberg) -- Tokyo’s government is planning to cancel all Olympic public viewings in the capital and experts advising the Japanese government on Covid-19 are going to warn of increased infection risk if the games are held with spectators, Jiji reported.

U.S. public health advisers will meet to discuss a potential link between Covid-19 shots that use messenger RNA technology and heart inflammation. A Miami Bitcoin conference, which sold at least 12,000 tickets and attended by mostly unmasked crowds, is emerging as a new Covid hotspot, according to attendees.

India’s government is considering expanding Covid-related relief policies to further industries, the Economic Times reported, citing unidentified people. The move could include expanding a credit guarantee program and extending tax relief for construction, as well as more spending for rural programs. The number of new Covid cases in the country was 91,702.

A Pfizer representative submitted documents seeking approval for the vaccine to the Food and Drug Administration, its Secretary General Paisarn Dunkum said.

The Bank of Thailand extended a limited debt moratorium until the end of the year to help some small and medium-sized businesses hurt by the country’s worst wave of coronavirus infections since the pandemic began.

“This is a targeted measure to mainly help SMEs that can’t open their businesses yet because of the latest outbreak”, Deputy Governor Ronadol Numnonda said. “But we don’t want banks to only extend debt repayment, we want them help with real debt restructuring so the companies survive after the outbreak.”

The embassy received permission to import 10,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine to inoculate French citizens living in Thailand, Deputy Premier and Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said after a meeting with Ambassador Thierry Mathou.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which was approved by the Thai drug regulator in March, will be administered to French citizens over the age of 45. The shots are expected to be imported before the end of June

Fully vaccinated people over 65 years old are allowed to go out and travel to nearby areas as part of the government’s easing of strict quarantine rules on the elderly that have been in place for more than a year. Gyms and museums can also reopen at limited capacity. In addition, the government is considering allowing businesses to accommodate more customers by the middle of the month to help boost the economy as coronavirus cases subside.

Foreign leaders, sponsors and even International Olympic Committee chief Thomas Bach should stay away from the Tokyo Games to minimize risks from the coronavirus, the leader of Japan’s main opposition party said.

“We shouldn’t let anyone into Japan other than those who are absolutely essential for the events,” Yukio Edano, 57, head of the main opposition Constitutional Democratic Party, said in an interview with Bloomberg News on Thursday, six weeks before the Olympics are set to open on July 23. That means athletes, referees and support staff, he added.

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