India postpones third RE-Invest meet - Top Tweets

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India postpones third RE-Invest meet - Top Tweets Photo

My boyfriends great grandma she is so cute.She told me india i want to hug you for the picture.😂 https://t.co/1uYJAjEWMe.

India postpones third RE-Invest meet - Top Tweets Photo

“Ahead of a massive military exercise planned along the China border by India, soldiers of Indian and Chinese Army were engaged in a face-off near the northern bank of Pangong Tso Lake in Ladakh but disengaged after talks between the two sides.” https://t.co/E3AQk4HZ83.

Orchestra addict: E. Guitar to congo, combo of violin with fluet. A background music piece originally made for 80s MUGAMBO fame MR INDIA. I cant resist enjoying such music pieces. https://t.co/Z5r6vZxlQX.

DRDO successfully tests third-generation anti-tank missile https://t.co/3v7jy2Yajt via @DailyhuntApp.

@Swamy39 If they offer namaz in open park roafs and railway stations, why they need the place in babari who could not get place to be burried in india but afganistan!.

FYI - even at Tsinghua a lot of important courses use American textbooks in English, except for some areas in which they had translated books years years ago. The language factor is blown out of proportion in India to make it an excuse for a general culture of mediocrity. https://t.co/mhdXJaF0N4.

Day-long standoff between India, China near Pangong lake ends after talks: Report https://t.co/GH1UHEmxlB.

Mulk chlta nhi PTI se to knse artcle se ks ko handover krna hai? Currency devalued more thn 110%. MQM k through india ko to dene ka plan hai kiya? Farog we need clarification.. #article497 #SindhRejectsKarachiCommittee.

@VasuMunji Your Tweet has been forwarded to the concerned TSP/Division for necessary action. @BSNLCorporate.

Prosecution norms eased for TDS, I-T return filing defaults - Times of India https://t.co/asGioibjQm via @timesofindia.

After Gujarat, Uttarakhand reduces traffic fines, more may follow https://t.co/ZjIM00phwA.

Dell Digital Operating Model enables direct relationships with business partners and customers to collaborate and enable continuous business delivery- K.V Prasad at Dell Technologies Forum 2019, #Hyderabad edition. #India_RealTransformation #DellTechForum https://t.co/WcxNg9wsHx.

India postpones third RE-Invest meet - Top Tweets Photo

@manoramaonline @cms_khan ഇൗ നില തുടർന്നാൽ.. ക്യാഷ് ലെസ്സ് ഇന്ത്യക്കു പുറകെ job less India കൂടി ആവും...

#digvijaysingh more than 15 years ago he took an oath than he will destroy Congress from India and certainly he did it successfully. As a mentor of Rahul Gandhi he almost finished his career now again he is ready to end Congress entirely. https://t.co/WsLjxqyO3X.

the artístico | Porcelain Tiles #Porcelanato #CesaTiles #PorcelainTiles #VitrifiedTiles #India #CeramicTiles #FloorTiles #Porcelain #porcelán_csempék #csempék #carreaux_de_porcelaine #Porzellankacheln #piastrelle_di_porcellana #porcelāna_flīzes #płytki_porcelanowe https://t.co/6VOUiDpdfn.

India postpones third RE-Invest meet - Top Tweets Photo