Michelle Young was among five contestants who arrived Monday night, a few episodes into the series, irking some women there from the start. But she quickly connected with James, nabbing a coveted one-on-one date.

The first Black bachelor in the series long history, James seemed smitten, choosing to spend the next day with the 27-year-old. "Lets make up for lost time," the date card read.

They sure seemed to — smiling, laughing and kissing throughout a date that involved a ride down a zipline and a trip up in a hot-air balloon. At one point, they had to answer a question about how many kids they wanted. "Say it on three?" Young suggested, counting off.

Over dinner, the pair connected over her job and the difference shes hoping to make in the world. (James also works with kids via his nonprofit ABC Food Tours.) She quoted Maya Angelou, without naming her, and James picked up on the reference. ("Thats one of my favorite quotes.") She talked about how the police killing of George Floyd has affected her students, especially students of color.

Fans of the show sung her praises Twitter. Some noted that Young has only posted a handful times on Instagram, a hint that she might be on the show "for the right reasons," a standard by which contestants are judged.

As a senior, she made the Star Tribunes all-metro first team in 2011, where she was "perhaps the fastest player." She was also named Most Valuable Player at the Minnesota Girls Basketball All-Star Tournament that year.

In future episodes, Young might face resentment in the house from women who arrived earlier. (One of those contestants is a fellow Minnesotan: Anna Redman, who grew up in Owatonna.) She might also reveal her Minnesota accent, promising James, "Youll hear it, I promise."

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