NXT recap & reactions (May 4, 2021): It’s a street fight!

NXT recap & reactions (May 4, 2021): It’s a street fight!

NXT recap & reactions (May 4, 2021): It’s a street fight! Photo

If you have a moment free take it to enjoy this slept on gem from the Street Fighter soundtrack. The moment I heard that Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon were defending their tag team titles in a STREET FIGHT against Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell, I was eagerly anticipating tiger uppercuts, hadoukens and perhaps even some YOGA FIRE.

EXCLUSIVE: Fed up after the vicious assault by @CandiceLeRae & @indi_hartwell, @ShotziWWE & @WWEEmberMoon are ready to settle the issue in a Street Fight! #WWENXT pic.twitter.com/wulxTMr6Zv

LeRae seemed very concerned going into the match that Hartwell was spending too much time “thinking about boys” and not enough thinking about getting the gold belts.

There were less than ten minutes left on the clock when the ring introductions began, so all four women cut off the announcer by brawling, which makes sense given it’s a street fight anyway so anything goes. You’d also expect a lot of plunder in a street fight and you wouldn’t be disappointed by the amount here — chairs, tables, and a fire extinguisher all came into play before we got a very late commercial break guaranteeing an overrun!

I’m going to coin the word PLUNDERIFFIC to describe this contest. If this had been given a half hour or close to it instead of the 18 minutes or so it got from the start through the overrun, it might be remembered as a TLC match for the ages. It certainly had the lack of selling you’d expect from the Hardy Boys, Dudleys, et cetera in their prime — everyone went through tables and ladders and sold only briefly before getting back into the fight. Even Blackheart’s leap off the rigging through the announce table onto Hartwell didn’t keep either lady down for very long!

In the end all of The Way’s conniving and trickery to get the women’s tag team champions into this match paid off. Hartwell took out Moon by diving from the ring onto a table outside, and LeRae stomped Blackheart’s head into a steel chair and pinned her for 3. We have new women’s tag team champions!

On last week’s edition of NXT, Tommaso Ciampa sang a little tune for Zack Gibson to mock the Grizzled Young Veterans. I’ve been told that “less than one percent of the USA Network audience watches NXT UK,” so in case you didn’t get the reference he made... here you go.

James Drake and the aforementioned Gibson would have a chance for revenge in a tag team contest against Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher. With a win the Grizzled Young Veterans could prove they are SSSSSSSOON to be in contention again for MSK’s tag team titles. Did they get the upper hand or did the equally grizzled veterans humiliate GYV again?

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