Oberlin professor of peace called for destruction of Israel in 1989 speech

Oberlin ״professor of peace״ called for destruction of #Israel in 1989 speech

Oberlin professor of peace called for destruction of Israel in 1989 speech Photo

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EXCLUSIVE: Oberlin College is facing fresh criticism for continuing to give a platform to a so-called "professor of peace," Mohammad Jafar Mahallati, who as Iranian ambassador to the United Nations urged the elimination of the Jewish state.

A Fox News Digital investigation can reveal for the first time that Mahallati, a professor of Islamic Studies at the liberal arts college in Ohio, declared to the U.N. in 1988: "The adoption, by the General Assembly in 1947, of resolution 181 (II) on the partition of the land of Palestine and the establishment of the Zionist entity was itself in violation of provisions of the United Nations Charter, as well as of the rules of international law."

Mahallatis letters and speeches, reviewed by Fox News, covered the 1980s, particularly while he served as the Islamic Republics envoy to the United Nations from 1987 to 1989. Mahallati denied the right of Israel to exist as a state, according to human rights and anti-Semitism experts.

At the U.N. in 1989, Mahallati defended the first Palestinian intifada — a series of violent protests and riots against the Jewish state — as "the heroic uprising of Palestinians."

Iranian Ambassador to the U.N. Mohammad Mahallati speaking after a meeting with U.N. officials concerning implimentation of the Security Council resolution to end the Iran-Iraq war.  (Bill Foley/Time & Life Picture)

Palestinians are setting an example for Arabs and Muslims across the world with respect to the "holy struggle against oppression and Zionism," Mahallati said at the U.N., also in 1989.

"Palestine is an Islamic territory, an Islamic heritage, and it remains an Islamic point of identity. The land of Palestine is the platform of the ascension of the Prophet Mohammad; its significance is that it contains the first kiblah direction−towards which Muslims prayed. Its occupation by Zionist usurpers is a transgression against all Muslims of the world and its liberation is therefore a great religious obligation and commitment," Mahallati said at the U.N. that same year.

While Mahallati would later claim, in an October 2020 letter obtained by Fox News, "[I] dedicated my life to research, teaching and writing about peace and friendship," the U.N. document trail shows an ambassador who criticized opponents of the Islamic Republic and the Jewish state, and defended his countrys treatment of the peaceful Bahai community amid accusations that the group was being persecuted.

Irans regime has executed members of the Baha’i community for merely practicing their faith, and the U.S. and U.N. have both documented severe persecution of the Bahai by the clerical regime in Tehran.

Mahallati said in 1983, according to the U.N.: "The problem was not religious but political; the Bahai community conducted immoral activities under the cover of religion."

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