Parliament slams Oxford profs: Useless bunch driven by wokeness

Parliament slams Oxford profs: ‘Useless bunch’ driven by ‘wokeness’ via @nypost

Parliament slams Oxford profs: Useless bunch driven by wokeness Photo

More than 150 Oxford University academics are refusing to teach unless a statue of a controversial British colonial leader is removed — getting them ripped in Parliament as a “useless bunch” driven by “wokeness.”

The lecturers signed a “statement of a boycott of Oriel College” over the decision to keep a statue of Cecil Rhodes, who drove colonial expansion in southern Africa in the 1800s, and for whom the school’s Rhodes Scholarship is named, according to The Telegraph.

“Faced with Oriel’s stubborn attachment to a statue that glorifies colonialism and the wealth it produced for the college, we feel we have no choice but to withdraw all discretionary work and goodwill collaborations,” the lecturers’ statement said.

Reaction to the boycott threat came from as high up as Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose office said he expects “appropriate action” to be taken to make sure students are compensated for any cancelled classes.

“Students rightly expect to get a good deal for their investment in higher education,” his spokesperson told The Telegraph. “We fully believe in protecting academic freedom but universities have a duty to maintain access to good-quality tuition as a priority.”

The lecturers say they plan to refuse to teach Oriel’s undergraduates, help with outreach work or give talks or seminars “until Oriel makes a credible public commitment to remove the statue,” according to The Telegraph.

The boycott came as Oxford was already under fire after students at neighboring Magdalen College voted to remove a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II because she “represents recent colonial history.”

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