PM once again becomes part of BD cricket history - Top Tweets

Best part💜.

PM once again becomes part of BD cricket history - Top Tweets Photo

Hi all, I’ve finally got my computer issues resolved for the most part. Got a great post coming out today at 5 PM Pacific. If you liked any of my posts on crystals so far then you will like this one. #blogging #Wicca #Witchcraft.

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With digital footprints on the increase, @cybersecstu takes a look at just how much can be extracted by bad actors. #Cybersecurity #SecurityAwareness #OPSEC https://t.co/WHm4mLkOrx.

@rhcp484 @clgdpt A culture vulture ? That’s an interesting take but I’ll say no he’s definitely for the culture of rap only thing I would like to see him do more is speak up on social issues especially in the black communities that’s the only knock I have against him as far as the “vulture” part.

@JohnHall60 Stanley Ridges had the good part. Was it supposed to go to Karloff or Lugosi at first?.

@DeborahMeaden I wouldn’t want any of them for my PM Unfortunately for Jo her past is coming back to bite her Boris looked like he needed a Snort Why is Sturgeon there. It’s supposed to be about Britain, not just a small part Corbyn did OK but not aggressive enough & unclear on Brexit.

Best part💜 https://t.co/V5EKOadQTg.

@MikeRJohnson777 The American electorate, for the most part, is not sending our best & brightest to #Congress..