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Pay no attention to the slaughter you enabled in Syria. Far better to watch Sean Spicer dancing the lambada, like a greased hog in spandex, right?.

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Dancing with the Stars just kicked off Sailor Brinkley Cook, who is a really good young dancer, and kept on Sean Spicer, who moves like a rhino stuck in quicksand! WTF is happening in this country right now!? 😡😳.

#DWTS had me legit crying through the entire 2 hours. SO MANY THOUGHTS. 1. HOW IS SEAN SPICER STILL THERE?! 2. Why is Hannah B so low on leaderboard? 3. Lauren Alaina’s performance has me in puddles of tears. 4. Team #SailaV got eliminated, WHAT?! I digress..

okay who the FUCK is voting for Sean spicer on #DWTS.

@curtisadamski Sean Spicer has an unfair advantage being pushed by Trump & his MAGA cult. Whoever cast Spicer on #DWTS should be FIRED!.

WHYYY are politics intertwined with #DWTS!? Can’t you just give America a break from all the madness??? JEESH. Sean Spicer CANNOT dance, yet he is still on the show...it’s become a political race and I’m over it. 🙄.

The heck is wrong with these #DWTS voters!!!????! Sean Spicer safe??? Lowest scores and never in the bottom two???!? Good people going home??!!?.

anyone voting for sean spicer on DWTS should be legally punished and have their phones taken away PERIOD.

Who is voting for Sean Spicer - The National Institue for the Blind??!?#DWTS https://t.co/3UXClwuBi0.

HOW. IS. SEAN. SPICER. STILL. HANGING. AROUND. the dude literally can’t dance. i’d say he has two left feet but that’s an insult to left feet everywhere. #DWTS.

goodnight to everyone except sean spicer.

As if there weren’t enough problems in the world already, Sean Spicer still hasn’t been eliminated from #dwts https://t.co/6dd5vLJGWI.

The @astros went full Sean Spicer day 1 press briefing ..

I’m voting for everyone on #DWTS except for Sean Spicer.

@drgnfire3t #DWTS knew what they were signing up for when they have casted Sean Spicer this season..

I’m late but I don’t understand how Sailor got sent home and people like Sean Spicer still haven’t even made the bottom two like let’s look at actual talent people #DWTS.

Get rid of Sean Spicer!!!#dwts sean spicer.

God love him, but the very fact that Sean Spicer is still on DWTS...is evidence of what will happen in 2020. You don’t have to be able to dance...only be a patriot....God bless you, Sean. Keep on, keeping on. We love you. ❤️.

Who the heck is voting for Sean spicer? Why is he still on #DWTS.

@LoveReality9 DWTS fans will tune out & watch something else, so sad Sean Spicer killed DWTS!.

why is nobody talking about the fact that sean spicer is Still on dancing with the stars.

I cannot get over Sean Spicer being on DWTS. Cannot..

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but Sean Spicer did a...good? dance? #dwts.

By the looks of Twitter, nobody in America is owning the libs harder than Sean Spicer. Keep winning Sean! #DWTS.

Attn: anyone who danced next to or clapped for Sean Spicer on Dancing with the Stars. It IS possible not to normalize hatred. 💪 https://t.co/aO6d0Us7pk.

Pay no attention to the slaughter you enabled in Syria. Far better to watch Sean Spicer dancing the lambada, like a greased hog in spandex, right? https://t.co/gtzamReZFe.