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#OuterBanks has an official release date and a teaser trailer is now out!

SEE — Season 2 Official Teaser | Apple TV+ Photo

We’re headed back to the Outer Banks, people! The second installment of the Netflix Original is not only taking us back to the North Carolina island but also to a new location as John B. and Sarah navigate their new life after fleeing in the season 1 finale. We’ve known for some time now that season 2 would be debuting sometime in 2021, and now we’ve got the official release date.

And that’s not all! Along with the release date revealed by Netflix today, we’ve also received our first sneak peek at Outer Banks season 2 with a teaser trailer. What an exciting time for the Pogues (and the Kooks, I guess.) Check out the video below and get ready for what’s to come for our favorite beach dwellers.

Though the teaser trailer is less than a minute long, it gives us a good look at where the characters stand after the season 1 finale. The remaining Pogues of the group — Kiara, JJ, and Pope — are mourning the loss of John B. and Sarah, seemingly convinced they’re either dead or lost at sea. As a refresher, season 1 ended with the two lovebirds leaving the Outer Banks on a boat in the middle of a tropical storm. At the time, everyone was convinced there was no way they’d make it out alive.

But of course, as the teaser trailer shows us, John B. and Sarah are just fine as they sit on the beach together. We’re not sure if they make it all the way to the Bahamas like the season 1 finale teased, but at least we know they’re safe, sound, and most importantly, together.

Get ready, surfers! Outer Banks season 2 will drop on Netflix on July 30. That means we can officially mark our calendars and start counting down the days until we’re reunited with the Pogues and Kooks again.

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