Spider-Man 3 gets two titles: Home-Wrecker and Phone Home

Tom Holland & Jacob Batalon both release Spider-Man 3 official titles. Except they are two different titles: Phone Home and Home Wrecker. What is going on?

Spider-Man 3 gets two titles: Home-Wrecker and Phone Home Photo

The cast of Spider-Man 3 is trolling the public over the movies real title. Production for the Marvel Studios and Sony collaboration project has been in full swing for a while now. Given this, its expected that pertinent details about it will be released sooner rather than later, including the confirmation of the movies official title. This seemingly gave Tom Holland and the rest of his co-stars a fun idea to confuse fans by announcing different, more likely fake ones for the movie.

Theres a clear running theme for the web-slinging heros standalone film titles. Hollands first solo adventure was called Spider-Man: Homecoming, which admittedly sounded too cheesy as it was a meta-reference to the character finally joining the MCU after years of existing separately in Sonys bubble. But over time, people eventually accepted it. This was followed by Spider-Man: Far From Home, which was appropriate considering that the sequel saw Peter Parker and his high school class taking a trip to Europe on the heels of the events of Avengers: Endgame. Given all this, theres an expectation that Spider-Man 3 will stick to the tradition.

Holland and his castmates know this, so when they decided to have some fun with their fake title reveals for Spider-Man 3, they incorporated the word "home" in their chosen titles. Aside from the projects lead actor, Jacob Batalon also announced that the threequel is called Spider-Man: Phone Home and Spider-Man: Home-Wrecker, respectively. Check out their posts below:

Chances are that these are fake. While the Spider-Man MCU franchise isnt exactly known for having creative titles, these arent objectively good. At least Spider-Man 3s predecessors were at least fit well with their corresponding movies narrative. These are too different from each other that its difficult to reconcile them with whats known about the story for the upcoming blockbuster. In any case, expect that the official one will be confirmed sometime soon. The release of the images is an indication that Marvel Studios and Sony are gearing up to reveal pertinent details about the threequel, including its title.

Marvel Studios has been creative with their marketing ploy for their films, but this is the first time that they went this route. While this might look like just straight-up trolling from Holland and Batalon, it could also be a clue for what to expect from Spider-Man 3. If anything, this move from the actors had a green light from both Marvel Studios and Sony and is part of their promotional campaign for the feature. Perhaps the difference in titles, albeit them being fake, hints of the multiverse which is rumored to be a significant part of the blockbusters story.

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