Street Outlaws Mechanic Kentucky Chris Ellis Dead at 39

‘Street Outlaws’ Mechanic ‘Kentucky’ Chris Ellis Dead at 39

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11:36 AM PT — Chris died of an apparent heroin overdose … according to the police report. Cops say they were called to his residence on the night of Sept. 9 and found him dead, possibly for “several days.”

The report says Chris was found slumped forward with his head laying on a table with a metal spoon, a liquor bottle, and a syringe nearby. Inside the syringe was a small amount of a dark liquid the officer noted as “consistent with heroin.”

According to the report … Chris’ roommate told cops he last saw him 2 days before he was found dead, and he attempted to check on him several times but his door was closed and locked. The roommate says he contacted 2 mutual friends to come over and get the locked door open, and that’s when they discovered he was deceased.

Cops say the roommate knew Chris had a drinking problem but was unaware of any drug issues, but the 2 friends claimed they knew Chris had both drinking and opiate problems.

Christopher Scott Ellis — a fan favorite on Discovery’s “Street Outlaws” known by his nickname “Kentucky” — has died in Oklahoma City … TMZ has learned.

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