Study: Analytics and Data Science Jobs in India: June 2021

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Study: Analytics and Data Science Jobs in India: June 2021 Photo

The analytics job report, presented by Analytics India Magazine (AIM), provides a broad study of the data science job landscape – covering profiles and roles that require analytics competencies and skills. The research provides a comprehensive view of the talent market that was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and its recovery since the lockdown restrictions were lifted. The report highlights the upswing in analytics jobs in the post-pandemic world and factors that have led to it.

This report also outlines which functional analytics skills and programming languages are currently most in-demand in the market. The report provides insights for recruiters and hiring companies to study the demand for skills across the analytics function. They can identify and close any capability gaps across workforces. By highlighting the talent hotspots in the country, the report enables organisations to build a steady talent pipeline from various regions or cities.

We hope the report is a handy point of reference for aspiring professionals, industry experts, and think tanks. As a result of the unfortunate pandemic, the analytics space in 2020 witnessed changes and churn in terms of job losses and a slowdown in job creation. The accelerated adoption of data science/AI technologies that began immediately after the 1st wave of the pandemic, and the renewed business activity of companies, which led to the hiring of analytics professionals, are crucial factors that have led to an upswing in data science jobs. The enthusiasm and optimism around the analytics function in India continue to remain high, and the industry is cautiously anticipating what the future holds for data science and jobs within this domain.

This Job Study is a holistic analysis of the Indian Analytics and Data Science jobs and skills landscape. This study/report covers the top job trends in the analytics space, specifically open jobs at a given point in time. It provides a detailed break-up and analysis of jobs by certain criteria, such as cities, industries, experience levels, technologies/tools, and salary hierarchies. The report provides details and analysis of the types of companies that are recruiting key talent in the data science domain.  The report identifies reasons for significant shifts or changes in hiring trends across the criteria defined above.

There are approximately 138,000 jobs open in June 2021, a 67.0% increase from June 2020 when the average of advertised analytics jobs reached the lowest due to the pandemic.

This increase in job numbers can be mainly attributed to the backfilling activity of companies after they laid off many employees due to the lockdown in March 2020. It can also be attributed to the accelerated adoption of AI/data science in India, which is a direct result of the pandemic.

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