If one thinks Kim Kardashian has had it with Kanye West and his weird behavior recently, and now wishing for divorce, they are wrong. Shes not wishing for a divorce because of what has transpired lately, but even before this. 

Kim Kardashian was recently snapped in a car with Kanye West, emotional and all-teary. News had it that she and Kanye West are talking about the recent events, one where West revealed some truly damaging information about his wife and then later, having the audacity to apologize.

Kim Kardashian on her part, even defended his actions in the public, asking for understanding and compassion because her husband has bipolar disorder and people with mental illnesses deserve to be understood. 

She did not react negatively what Kanye West said about her- about wanting to divorce her, about her cheating with Meek Mill, and what he thinks of Kris Jenner, among others. 

According to a source who spoke with US Weekly, divorce talks have been going on for months now, way before all these present brouhahas and certainly ahead of Kanye Wests announcement that hes running for presidency.

"Kim is not leaving the relationship because of this current situation, but before this situation, over the last three months or so, they had been talking about divorce," an insider tells the magazine outlet. The insider added that both parties actually wanted to work things out, for no other reason than love, but it appears that this emotion is not likely to prevent a separation. "They both still love each other and there is still some interest in making this marriage work but in recent months it has looked way less likely," the source added.

At present though, as divorce rumors intensified because of the apparent discord in their relationship, the source claimed that no, Kims focus is not on the divorce right now. Instead, she just wants to take care of her kids and make Kanye West mentally healthy! "There is no conversation about divorce until hes able to be in a better mental space," the insider continues. "Really, theres little to no contact between Kim and Kanye right now."

This is not the first time that Kim Kardashian has publicly defended Kanye West though. The most famous one is the time she literally went head on against Taylor Swift. The issue was that Kanyes controversial lyrics on her song "Famous" involving Taylor Swift, was not authorized by the latter, despite saying it was. she told GQ magazine that Taylor knew and was just suddenly acting like she did not. 

There were more instances that her husbands actions caught the ire and raised the eyebrows of the public, but Kim stood by her husband. Some of these earlier cases even put her at the detriment, but she still publicly defended him. In an interview with Van Jones during an October 2018 episode of "The Messy Truth," it can be remembered that she said her husband certainly put himself up against the world when he chose to marry her, despite her sex tapes and all her faults in the eyes of the public. 

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