Tom Brady Doesnt Want to Talk About Antonio Brown Allegations - Top Tweets

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown.

Tom Brady Doesnt Want to Talk About Antonio Brown Allegations - Top Tweets Photo

@KatTimpf @chris_pa28181 Hey. Tom Brady is an angel sent from God. This guy is a tool..

@SmxrtSZN Tom Brady is the GOAT.

Tom Brady not even good.

Seeking therapist recs bc I just texted someone “sorry for getting triggered over Tom Brady earlier” and it wasn’t even remotely a joke.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Dolphins somehow fucked Tom Brady this weekend?.

Be careful of the proclamations you make when you’re on a caffeine high. I told my little brother, who had been actively ducking employment for two years, that if he got a job before the end of the month- i’d take him to see Tom Brady in Foxboro..

@Shamrock2232 @WALLACHLEGAL @DLPatsThoughts Says the man with a Tom Brady avatar. Because, of course..

@Ajfrias24 @rostipher @ChargersLegion @FieldYates @AdamSchefter Sorry bud, still took the L against Tom Brady. guess things never change, even if the scores do.

Sixers have little to no defense. They should win the line this season, Tom Brady is Michael Jordan?.

@madeprofit Tom Brady.

Can’t do anything more to help her. Her 21st birthday is coming up on September 17th. Her favorite player is Tom Brady and she’s a hugeee football fan. If you could get her a Tom Brady jersey or do something special for her it’d mean the world to all of her friends and family❤️🏈.

Tom Brady led the #Patriots in offensive grade and to a victory in Week 1. How will this unit perform when they take on the @PFF_Dolphins?.

En cuanto a la posición de QB: Tom Brady termino con un total de 341 Yardas Aéreas y 3 pases de TD,habiendo completado 24/36 intentos para un 66% de efectividad. Participó en el 100% de los snaps jugados siendo estos un total de 70..

Tom Brady, as starting QB regular season Since 2006 at home vs AFC - (66-5, .930) Since 2013 on road vs Miami - (1-5, .167) huh?.

“In my mind Derek’s the best QB in the league” that’s the energy this team needs. Even if he forgot about Tom Brady 😅.

@Ash_Baylor Archie Moore’s Buffalo Brady good job you ran. Them Over and didn’t look back.

@Super_G_Chiefs “Doesn’t involve me, not my problem, give me another SB ring.” - Tom Brady.

Only reason that helmets exist in the NFL is so that Tom Brady doesn’t kiss the other players on the lips.

@NickodemusKelly I’m sorry to say but the Patriots cheat and Tom Brady won’t give any other team a change to win the super bowl.

@NBCSPatriots Wow! Tom Brady just blatantly lied to us all!! Smh “Miami is a good team” I can never trust him again.

@SteelBlitzburgh Wtf was Kam Kelly lookin at , Tom Brady.

Why my wife trying to pull a Tom Brady on me by changing the rules of a uno game with our 4 yr old in the middle of the game. #ThatsThePatriotsWay.

Tom Brady Live Press Conference:.

Career passer rating: 1.) Aaron Rodgers: 2.) Russell Wilson: 3.) Tom Brady: 4.) Drew Brees: 5.) Dak Prescott: 6.) Tony Romo: 7.) Steve Young: 8.) Peyton Manning:.

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown.