Watch the Who Play ‘Tattoo’ for First Time Since 2008

@DanaB_Number3 That’s awesome. Your first marketing campaign and someone’s first time giving a tattoo

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Ann ()

😮Watch the Who Play ‘Tattoo’ for First Time Since 2008 – Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone ()

Watch the Who play Tattoo for the first time since 2008 at a special, intimate acoustic London gig

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Tori🦋💛 ()

3 years ago I met a friend from Europe by chance and here in a few months I’ll get to see him for the first time in 3 years and he wants to get a matching tattoo w me and I kinda wanna cry ❤️😭

Samgyupsamantha ()

I remember the first time my dad saw my tattoo—which btw he glared at it so fucking hard— and now a year after he’s recommending me good tattoo parlour #gRowTh

Cely ()

first time ive seen an anime tattoo that wasnt completely clapped wow

Kelsey armand ()

this really the first time since 2016 that i don’t have a valentine or have to buy anything and i don’t know how to act. should i get another tattoo, get drunk, or both?🤔

Kristal ()

ok @TLC here’s my pitch, a show about ex mormons who were super conservative trying to figure out how to do things they couldn’t do before. Like using a coffee brewer for the first time, first shopping trip on a Sunday, getting their first tattoo, going to a bar, etc.

👨‍👩‍👧 ()

my tattoo artist used saniderm on me for the first time and it feels so wrong leaving something on it 😅🤣

Emotional support titty ()

first single valentines in ages, so you know what that means.. time for a tattoo

Christopher ()

@nickthegeekbear Saniderm is the best thing ever. Haven’t healed a tattoo without it after the first time I used it.

Lily ()

@EmmaZoeGibson Just got a tattoo last night for the first time in over a year and I am already addicted again 😅

Audrey😤 ()

My uncle that I am talking to for the first time in 5 years and doesn’t know I’m gay damn near choked and died in the middle of Waterloo inn because I told him I wanna tattoo on my inner lip and he said “get “pussy”” I said “nah I got enough of that in my mouth already 💀 oop 😂

Danny @ Siegfried-Loving Day 💘💖💞 ()

@trans_coding My sister and I bond over this kind of stuff all the time. The other day I caught her wearing one of those stretchy tattoo chokers and I was like I used to wear those in the year 2000! They were cool for the first time back then!! 😆

Bianca is seeing ATEEZ and BTS⁷ ()

Hahah what if I see my Boys for the first time and get a tattoo to remember it 🙈

Nick D ()

@DanaB_Number3 That’s awesome. Your first marketing campaign and someone’s first time giving a tattoo

P*$$y Fairy 🧚🏽‍♂️ ()

Wait this my first time seeing the tattoo 😂 she tripping fr ()

Chris Brown is putting his new face tattoo on display in public for the first time

Naomi Licon ()

I’m getting a second tattoo after I said I would stop the first time. I hate being with Effy cause then I do impulsive shit like this.

Squidny ()

Ayeeee I’m gonna have some dope traditional tattoo flashsheets coming your way. Stay tuned!! I’m also super pumped to do a watercolor tattoo tomorrow for the first time💕

PRiNcEsS AqUaFiNa 💧 ()

Getting my first tattoo covered up finally. Just in time for Mexico bikini pics 🥺🥺🥺🥺👌🏻

PDXgal ()

@TrivWorks @zachbraff Silent Velcro! Love this movie so much!!!! I finally got my Garden State tattoo on my arm after waiting 14 years from watching it for the first time.

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Nooran A. ()

I just repierced my second ear piercing for the first time in years and....I really should have gone to a tattoo parlor like a normal person 🤕

Curvy Brown Devi Swag ()

abuse and neglect for the first time in my life (relatively), I got the tattoo around my scar that I knew I’d get - from Yeat’s “A Prayer for my Daughter.” It reads, “Hearts are not had as a gift; hearts are earned.” I knew my daddy was reminding me that I should only share my

Iris ()

Can inked stop using dead rappers for clickbait? It’s so disrespectful to profit off of someone who’s dead their YouTube channel makes me not want to get a tattoo bc all the artists on there are so judgmental and this isn’t the first time they disrespected peep

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Becca ()

i got peppa valentine’s cards for my students today and they were genuinely so excited to get a valentine card for the first time in years & they almost freaked out when i told them it came with a tattoo 🥺

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