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In a single week, three massively powerful media organizations — NBC, Warner Bros. Television and the Los Angeles Times — were rocked by allegations that top executives behaved badly toward subordinates, and the organization allowed it to go on.

Yes, it is 2020, nearly three full years after the #MeToo movement crashed through our sexist norms, toppled powerful executives and supposedly established a new environment where sexist, abusive and racist behavior would no longer be tolerated.

• Late last week, we learned that NBCUniversal has launched an investigation into NBC Entertainment Chairman Paul Telegdy, who was promoted in fall 2018 to head all entertainment programming after leading the network’s reality division for many years. On Friday, The Hollywood Reporter published an exposé detailing accusations of “racist, sexist and homophobic behavior” by Telegdy that had apparently gone on for years, based on interviews with 30 current and former employees.

“Sources say they have seen Telegdy mock gay executives, sometimes to their faces; use homophobic and misogynistic slurs; and disparage or make sexual comments about the physical appearance of network talent,” THR wrote. “Current and former insiders say they have heard Telegdy participate in what one former insider describes as ‘appalling’ discussions in the office that included crude sexual remarks.”

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