‘Wheel of Fortune’ contestant’s completely wrong answer leaves viewers stunned: ‘I’m in stitches’

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A contestant named Matt was in the lead with $9,900 in the bank when he made a major blunder by not only shouting out the wrong answer, but failing to even use most of the letters that were already on the board.

One user joked that he was “in stitches” when Matt inaccurately guessed, “The next buttercup” instead of the real answer, “The next generation.” Although it was hard for fans to make out exactly what Matt guessed as many also believed his answer sounded like “the next butter cut.”

The big fail led many to question what was going through Matt’s mind at that very moment he solved the puzzle. Host Pat Sajak, who is known for his witty remarks to contestants, was not shown on the screen when he sarcastically quipped, “Uh, no. Oddly enough, no.”

“‘Best buttercup!’ Uhh no,” one user tweeted, quoting Sajak, along with the hashtag #fail. Many others were in disbelief, writing, “Did this man on wheel of fortune say the best buttercup?”

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