Will Smiths next YouTube series is all about how he got fit

Will Smith’s next YouTube series is all about how he got fit

Will Smiths next YouTube series is all about how he got fit Photo

After performing a bungee jump over the Grand Canyon in 2018, Will Smith has a decidedly less ambitious goal for his next YouTube Original series: showing us how he got fit as a middle-aged celebrity. Best Shape of My Life will be a six-part unscripted show debuting sometime this year, covering the “fun, funny, inspirational, wildly adventurous, and deeply entertaining story of Smith challenging himself to improve every aspect of his fitness,” according to YouTube. Along the way, he’ll chat with athletes, scientists, and well, be Will Smith, as he encourages the audience to get healthier.

Of course, it’s certainly a easy for a wealthy celebrity to get fit when they have tremendous resources, free time and connections to some of the best trainers in the world… I’m just hoping Smith keeps the show grounded. As for other YouTube Originals, Alicia Keys will star in a four-part documentary about her life and inspirations, while Masego will explore the world of public health, and how race and class affect its impact, in Barbershop Medicine.

During its Brandcast event today, YouTube revealed that it saw a 25 percent viewership increase in the first quarter (compared to last year). That’s not a huge surprise though. YouTube, more than any other video service, is a practically infinite source of content. And with the pandemic still raging, it’s no surprise that more people are spending more time with it. Personally, watching YouTube clips has begun to take over time I’d usually dedicate to watching a new Netflix series or movies. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the reality for many others, as well.

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