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Tweet247 | Updated: Thu, 19 Apr 2018, 14:04 PM IST

Islamic Top Tweets On Twitter

  • This is why Pakistanis hate 🐕 dogs, claiming they are ‘unclean’ under Islamic Sharia. How true..

  • When a bigot&failed starlet,is shown the mirror,look how rattled she gets!Check her TL,where she carried a placard rubbishing sanctity of temples,while protesting against #Kathua;Now that someone spoke about rape by an Islamic cleric,she goes hysterical!Her bigotry stands nailed!.

  • One of the last sanctuaries for Christians in the Middle East now bombed by a supposedly-Christian nation - which also sells immense high-tech weaponry to Islamic Saudi theocrats. End times..

  • On this day, five years ago, two Islamic terrorists from outside the bombed the Boston Marathon. The Russians warned the FBI about one of the two brothers, and, as usual, the FBI failed:.

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  • “Your daughter does not have to say that she is German” says a headteacher about a German girl bullied for being German at a school in Germany. She also suggested the girl wear a headscarf. Germany will be Islamic in a few decades..

  • BELGIUM: ‘Islamic Party’ standing in local elections want ‘Islamic state’, men and women on separate buses. They already have 2 Councillors. Disturbing. Politicians are trying to ban the party..

  • Europhiles remain committed to extending their political project to Turkey, a country run by a convicted Islamic extremist who describes mosques as "barracks" and "the faithful" as "soldiers". What are they thinking?.

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  • And worth remembering, when they claim "irrefutable proof" that the attack was staged by the West, the time when the Russian MoD cited video game clips as "irrefutable evidence" of the US covering ISIS..

  • #كيف_ستستقبل_رمضان اكتب رسالة اعتذار لمن ينامون في ضميرك ويُقلقون نومك بسبب إحساسك بأنك ذات يوم سببت لهم بعض الألم اطرق الأبواب المغلقة ضع باقات زهورك على عتباتهم واحرص أن تبقى المساحات بينكم بلون الثلج النقي #داعم_للخير @islamic_pic @Amal30k @alahlaam__16 @qeeqcc @n__jl.

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  • “When jihadists captured a Syrian military base, they found a cache of some of the world’s most dangerous weapons buried in its bunkers.”.

  • I want someone to do an Islamic podcast. With good material for young teens and young adults..

  • Today In #BlackHistory An Entry Was Recorded In The Personal Diary Of #MalcolmX About His Life Changing Experiences While Witnessing Islamic Culture & Practices Of Orthodox Muslims In Arabia During His First Pilgrimage To Mecca April 17th 1964.

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  • @siasatpk ab Kya ISS hamly ma 34 Islamic countries ki army bhi America ka sath de gi jis ke head Raheela Sharif Han?.

  • Shame on so called islamic organization made by saudi nd many other muslim If you cant save muslim of syria from been murdered then explian urs #SyriaStrike.

  • @bilalmahmooduk @bbcasiannetwork Now you can imagine what Ahmadi Muslims would have to go through in So called Islamic Countries..

  • Apni Halat #Iqbal #AllamaIqbal #iqbal_poetry #Islamic_Poetry #islamic_poetry #urdu_poetry #designed_poetry #poetry #itqalam #ALLAH #Ya_ALLAH_Madad #Maufi #Touba #Astaghfar #Darood #Rasool_Allah #madina #ProphetMuhammad #Sallallahualaihiwasalaam #dua.

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  • @scuda5758 @60sReno @IvanTrumpovic1 @TexasTrumpGirl It is not crime or perversion they want to eliminate. Dems/DeepState plan=DISARM,EXTERMINATE&DESTROY America Propagate&perpetuate CRIME&CHAOS Usher in UnitedNations sponsored Sharia Law Islamic Law Totalitarian government control of America.

  • @Scooter30205 @edoswald @lsarsour It’s literally all Muslim countries that are like this. Islam hasn’t been reformed. Christianity has been. The KKK have been dead for over 50 years, meanwhile ISIS is around and Islamic terror is common..

  • @kelly_but @kattaB4 Knew some people who went to Paris recently. Full of trash and they said they felt way out of place like they were in an Islamic country. What a mess..

  • Pioneering Islamic Blockchain Startup Hada DBank Announces successful Presale and Prepares To Release Main token Sale Dates.#HadaDBank #ico #Hadaico.

  • 🕋🕌Another 4 Islamic Beauties Including 2 Mohammed’s 🕋🕌Ripping Of 5000 People Islam eh what would we do without it 🕋🕌.

  • Featured Articles about Palestinian Islamic Jihad - Page 3 - tribunedigital-orlandosentinel.

  • @NewYorker You would never say this about an Islamic, Hindu, or Buddhist Co. You pretend to be a bastion of diversity yet we know how pathetic you really are. To attach your company’s reputation to this prejudicial and demeaning statement is indicative of how shallow your belief system is..

  • SUSPECTS CAME FROM SAME MOSQUE associated with Mohammed Emwazi, who achieved notoriety before his death in Syria as an executioner for IS. IS THE UK GOVERNMENT GOING TO CLOSE THIS HATE CAMP DOWN? @10DowningStreet @AmberRuddHR @Conservatives #Mosque #Islam.

  • UN says Libya envoy spoke with Haftar, quashing death rumours #Islamic.

  • سبحان الله ، والحمدالله ، ولا إله الا الله ، والله اكبر.

  • @sada9ajariyadz @islamic_pic @bssmtkher @ya_allah_2 @RTwit_1 ط.

  • Islamic Nations under Shira Law cuts off the Hand of Anyone who is caught stealing I wish the same practice can be applied to anyone who is caught texting while driving or those who insist To Text or Tweet while walking in Public.

  • @SyedaShehlaRaza He is doing his job even better from outside than he could in the parliament wh z trying to save a money launder and thief backed by ppp crooks who are after altering the laws of basic Islamic creed @ImranKhanPTI.

  • 焦点:仮想通貨は「イスラム教義の壁」超えるか、金の活用も 時代は変わる。石から金へ。金から紙幣。紙幣から仮想通貨。 紙幣もデジタルも仮想には変わりなし。 庶民の我が待ち望むのは、世界中で簡単決済出来たら、旅行時便利。 仮想通貨での儲けには興味無し。.

  • If you want to publish anything negative about Obama,key Democrats, Hillary,Lynch,Holder,Muslims,Islamic Terrorists,etc., you need to go a social media where they arent protected & covered for & your comments wont be banned or held from viewers..

  • @edoswald @lsarsour Trump is enforcing the immigration laws. Also thanks for shining a light on the cruelty of the Islamic world!.

  • Voting for God: How religion shapes elections in Indonesia via @TheEconomist.

  • @JohnBrennan And your Extreme Islamic Idealogy has been showing since you graduated from high school in Saudi Arabia & was thrown out along w Bin Ladin by the Saudis! Your day is coming, sooner than you’d like..