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Tweet247 | Updated: Fri, 20 Apr 2018, 22:06 PM IST

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  • We are spending $80 billion locking people up. Think about what it would mean if we invested that money in our people instead of more jails..

  • everyone’s welcome for this skilled collage. 2 more videos and then we’re done with TYS nostalgia, thanks..

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  • Lions! In a few hours, SuperMahio is all set to roar at our #DenAwayFromDen! For more videos and latest updates download the #SuperApp! #CSKvRR #WhistlePodu #Yellove Android: iOS:.

  • Too often, our foreign policy debate here in Washington is dominated by those whose answer to complicated international situations seems always to involve dropping more bombs, rather than engage in the hard work of diplomacy and negotiation..

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  • Ginulat ang lahat ni Kim tungkol sa mga nadiskubre niya sa #MayWard! Ano nga ba itong nakakaKILIG na napansin niya kina Maymay at Edward sa set ng #DOTGA? For more videos, go to:.

  • RVS Mani, former Home Secretary makes sensational claim, says all pieces of evidence against the Mecca Masjid accused were engineered. #ITVideo More videos:.

  • Impeachment motion against CJI! Listen in to what Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad has to say on this. Watch more videos at #ITVideo.

  • Judge quits hours after delivering Mecca Masjid blast case verdict. @kamaljitsandhu joins in for more. #ITVideo More videos:.

  • Rahul Gandhi slams PM over cash crisis, says ATMs are empty because bank funds have been misused. #ITVideo More videos:.

  • I spend more time making pictures and videos for 5SOS than I spend on doing my uni work.

  • Yes, people have more expectations from us because they know that we can deliver. People know that when they say something, the Government will listen and do it. Days of incremental change are over: PM @narendramodi #BharatKiBaat.

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  • 7 Opposition parties seek impeachment against CJI (@Supriya23bh ) More videos at #ITVideo.

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  • VIDEO : ब्रेकफास्ट न्यूज : पंतप्रधान मोदींनी मला दिलेला सल्ला स्वत: अमलात आणावा, मनमोहन सिंहांचा टोला.

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  • We need more Truth Bomb videos 😸.

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  • Temporary shortage caused by sudden demand: @arunjaitley #ITVideo More videos:.

  • @danev888 @kaytiemattel @itsHanco @YouTube That was my first video of @kaytiemattel and @itsHanco !!! After that i started watch more videos and subscribed to their YouTube channel!! 😊.

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  • I need to ask peoples opinions on what would be better videos for #YouTube gaming videos, Lets Plays at least every other day or a more review type video but only once per week? Help out by voting and retweeting #smallyoutuber #gaming.

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  • @NasuPlush @AutisticGondola Not eccentric enough. Also needs more YouTube videos.

  • I go through periods where my mental/physical health is so bad that I cant make videos for months because they’d be forced and shitty and I’d be in pain. Trust me, if I could upload more often I would..

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  • Chrome 66 Stable Rolling Out, Blocks Auto-Playing Videos and More..

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  • Dec 22: I describe a partner trust program where creators are incentivized to give proper context for their videos to reviewers/the monetization system. The system needs less emphasis on AI, more emphasis on people. Today: YouTube rolls out a beta for that exact system..


  • @aria_ahrary @thehill Don’t think of his situation as fireable. He is more like a hostage that is occasionally allowed to send out “proof of life” videos..

  • Research has demonstrated that poor posture and inactivity are major contributors to the development of back pain. Gabi explains why walking and keeping active can help keep you feeling good. For.

  • @Origin_Rocky You need to make more twitter videos.

  • @DemetriasShine @BriaandChrissy I feel that the appropriate solution is to find more videos and continue to binge watch every one of them, often. ☺️.