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  • Very sorry to hear the sad news of bomb blast in Raiwind, prayers and sincere condolences with the shohada and their grieved families. Prayers and best wishes for the injured.

  • Bomb blast in Raiwind; 8 injured #Lahore.

  • THQ Hospital #Raiwind has received 6 dead bodies: 1. Amir Afridi from Kohat (private) 2. Tanveer [21725/c] 3. M. Aslam [SI] 4. Saeed [11343/c] 5. Unknown [as of now] 6. Unknown [as of now].

  • #PPP Chairman @BBhuttoZardari strongly condemns terrorist attack near #Raiwind religious congregation resulting in loss of innocent lives including policemen last night

  • Nine dead, over a dozen injured in explosion in Raiwind. As per DIG operations Police was the target. At least five police personnel have been martyred. In the on going political instability we cannot forget the threats we all face together as Pakistanis

  • A bomb just exploded near the home of Sharif brothers in Lahore. Seven people have died and a dozen others have been injured in Raiwind tonight. Let’s not forget that bombs, assassinations & kidnappings dominated Pakistan’s last general elections in 2013.

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  • After Raiwind bomb blast, Punjab Govt has brought strictness in security plan for PSL PlayOffs at Lahore & slight change.🏏 Now two more companies of Army will perform duty on match day & anyone route either of two will be used. #HBLPSL.

  • لال مسجد کے مولوی عبدالعزیز جیسے لوگ ٹیلیویژن پر بیٹھ کر جب طالبان کی دلالی کرتے تھے ہم تب سے کہ رہے تھے روک سکتے ہو تو روک لو ورنہ اس آگ کی لپیٹ میں ہر ایک آجائے گا #Raiwind.

  • ⒈ #QGvIU ⒉ #KKvPZ ⒊ #PTIMultanCampaign ⒋ Sammy ⒌ #StephenHawking ⒍ Raiwind ⒎ Lahore Qalandars ⒏ #کرپشن_کی_داستان ⒐ Babar Azam ⒑ Fakhar Zaman 2018/3/15 21:52 PKT #trndnl

  • Raiwind blast toll up; 11 injured critical

  • [#PAKISTÁN] Último adiós a las nueve víctimas fatales de atentado terrorista en la localidad de Raiwind

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  • رائیونڈ دھماکہ میں شہید ھونے والے افراد کی قربانیوں کو قوم قدر کی نگاہ سے دیکھتی ھے اور ان کی قربانیوں کو سلام پیش کرتی ھے میں شہید ھونے افراد کے اہل خانہ کو بھی سلام پیش کی جن کے پیاروں نے ملک کی حفاظت میں جانیں قربان کیں #Raiwind.

  • The nation salutes the 6 policemen who embraced martyrdom in the terrorist attack in Raiwind In our cities & towns, the police have stood bravely on the front-line against terror May Allah Almighty grant peace to the deceased & fortitude to their bereaved families

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  • [#PAKISTÁN] Último adiós a las nueve víctimas fatales de atentado terrorista en la localidad de Raiwind

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  • ⒈ #LQvQG ⒉ Chelsea ⒊ Quetta ⒋ Shaheen Afridi ⒌ Raiwind ⒍ #StephenHawking ⒎ #FinePeopleFromPakistan ⒏ #PTIJhelumCampaign ⒐ #RaoAnwar ⒑ Sikh 2018/3/15 03:11 PKT #trndnl

  • آج کے دھماکے میں شہید اور زخمی ہونے والوں کے لۓ دعا۔الّلہ پاک تمام لوگوں کی حفاظت فرمایں۔ #Raiwind.

  • ⒈ #LQvQG ⒉ Chelsea ⒊ #Raiwind ⒋ #StephenHawking ⒌ #FinePeopleFromPakistan ⒍ #PTIJhelumCampaign ⒎ Shaheen Afridi ⒏ Sikh ⒐ Jason Roy ⒑ Narine 2018/3/15 04:06 PKT #trndnl

  • اپنے فرض کی ادائیگی کے دوران جام شہادت نوش کرنے والے پولیس اہلکار ہمارے قومی ہیرو ہیں۔ شہید ہونے والے پولیس اہلکاروں نے فرض شناسی کی اعلیٰ مثال قائم کی ہے۔ رانا علی مسعود خاں (صدر مسلم لیگ (ن) یوتھ ونگ ) @MaryamNSharif @pmln_org #Raiwind

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  • Freedom is free for us because someone has already paid the bill. #Raiwind #Police - #Salute -

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  • @UmarAli001 @AisaBiHotaHy Raiwind city se 2km bahar Ijtema ki chekpost pr.

  • Raiwind

  • Lahore: Raiwind Main Dhamaka, 5 Police Ahelkar Samait 9 Afrad Shaheed, 14 Zkhmi, DIG Operations Haider Ashraf:.

  • At least 8 martyred, several injured in Raiwind suicide blast on police check post near Lahore. Creation of #Pakistan was biggest mistake.

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  • Six killed in Raiwind explosion claimed by Tehreek-e-Taliban

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  • At least 8 martyred,several injured n Raiwind suicide blast on police check post.Tragic incident killd 8 n LHR. CM issued regular statement condemned attack ordered strict security.Aab 8 mernay ky baad security activate karnay ka faiyada?Aik dou din media shout & back to normal..

  • ⒈ #LQvQG ⒉ Chelsea ⒊ #Raiwind ⒋ #StephenHawking ⒌ #FinePeopleFromPakistan ⒍ #PTIJhelumCampaign ⒎ Quetta ⒏ Shaheen Afridi ⒐ Sikh ⒑ Narine 2018/3/15 05:11 PKT #trndnl

  • نماز جنّت کی کُنجی ھے ❤ #Raiwind #خاتون_جنت #موجب_المدينه

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  • Strongly condemn the cowardly suicide attack at #Raiwind. Tribute to the brave police officials and civilians who were martyred in the blast. Prayers for the injured. Such attacks will not deter #Pakistan in its fight against terrorism..

  • ⒈ #LQvQG ⒉ Chelsea ⒊ #Raiwind ⒋ #StephenHawking ⒌ #FinePeopleFromPakistan ⒍ #PTIJhelumCampaign ⒎ Quetta ⒏ Shaheen Afridi ⒐ Sikh ⒑ Narine 2018/3/15 04:51 PKT #trndnl

  • Lahore: #Raiwind Main Dhamaka, 5 Police Ahelkaron Samait 9 Afrad Shaheed, 14 Zakhmi, DIG Operations Haider Ashraf Rahmat kakar.

  • #Raiwind Sacrifices of our young soldiers & Citizens in cities & on Borders r increasing day by day. We can save many of our soldiers & Citizens with Full Concentration towards Security Issues inspite of Politics. #FinePeopleFromPakistan #Messi #LQvQG #BARCHE #StephenHawking.

  • #Lahore: #Raiwind Road Par #Tableeghi Ijtema Gaah K Qareeb Police Check Post Par Khudkush Hamla, 4 Ahelkaron Samait 7 Shaheed, DIG.

  • India doesn’t want to get cricket again in Pakastan. And even the world doesn’t want this to happen. Because if the cricket get back in Pakistan will rule over the world. The way India is doing now a days #Raiwind #LahoreBlast #RaiwindBlast.

  • ⒈ #KKvPZ ⒉ #QGvIU ⒊ #PTIMultanCampaign ⒋ Babar Azam ⒌ Sammy ⒍ #شیرلائےگاجمہوریت ⒎ Kamran Akmal ⒏ #StephenHawking ⒐ Raiwind ⒑ Lahore Qalandars 2018/3/15 20:53 PKT #trndnl