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  • Stephen Hawking, scientist who reshaped Cosmology, dies aged 76. He did his very best. R.I.P.

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  • The world has lost a beautiful mind and a brilliant scientist. RIP Stephen Hawking.

  • Scientist Stephen Hawking has died aged 76

  • the scientist in a world disaster movie that nobody believes until its too late.

  • @amandapalmer Fix You/In My Place/The Scientist - Coldplay.

  • @SeattleiteLeo @LaLaRueFrench75 @DrMichaelMaster @and_kell You’re an engineer, not a scientist. We can therefore comfortably disregard your unqualified opinion in that case..

  • #OnThisDay 14 March 1879 #AlbertEinstein, arguably the most famous scientist ever, was born. Also #OnThisDay 14 March 2018, #StephenHawking, arguably the most famous scientist of his time, sadly died. #Einstein #EinsteinBirthday #physics #space #astronomy #briefhistoryoftime

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  • @NekoTruther there must be some shape the head can be arranged in to mitigate that problem somewhat, idk though im not a scientist.

  • @Sir_Murfington @2fast2quick2see Bill Nye is not a scientist, Bill Nye is a science communicator..


  • Hawking won the world’s respect – and gave disabled people like me hope

  • Medicare for all: The NHS saved me. As a scientist, I must help to save it | Stephen Hawking

  • #StephenHawking legend scientist of this era ..."see stars 🌟 not your feet " [email protected]

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  • @Danethy2 I thought it was appeal to authority? Look, have yourself hospitalized for a 72 hour stay, then submit your theory to a real scientist. Try not to get mad, when they laugh at you..

  • The scientist Stephen Hawking dead at 76. Although an atheist, he participated in the Pontifical Academy of Sciences of the Vatican and in 2016 he met with Pope Francis and in 1975 met with Blessed Paul VI. Rest in peace. #StephenHawking #WednesdayWisdom #God #Jesus #HolySpirit

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  • Such a wonderful way to celebrate a great scientist

  • Iconic Physicist Stephen Hawking Dies At 76

  • Leave it to Stephen Hawking to die on PI Day.... such a scientist to the end.

  • @qikipedia Maybe the mad scientist was born a monkey.

  • #stephanhawking R.i.p to the best scientist. At least i was able to know one of the people who helped physics grow. Much respect sir.

  • Hawking won the world’s respect – and gave disabled people like me hope

  • @lisamjarvis And, they had established scientist advisors, like chemical engineering professor at Stanford, Channing Robertson. He said talking to Holmes was like staring into eyes of Bill Gates or Steve Jobs! 😂😂😂.

  • Interested in a #job in #Kennewick, WA? This could be a great fit: #GeneralScience #Hiring #CareerArc.

  • @Nick_Boro1 @SkyNews Take a ganders my man.

  • Did you ever educate nation through your shows who was Steven Hawkins?Today he passed away and world deprived of one of the greatest scientist.did you tell people about this irreplaceable loss.

  • @YovanyServin I’m your new go to scientist now..

  • Pupil Response to an Optical Illusion Tied to Autistic Traits

  • @Caissie I doubt Hawking imagined meeting anything or anyone after the death of the psycho-somatic organism.He was a scientist..

  • @albertochicote @Toliol @andres_fdz @SrtaNicasia @DavidBGil @scientist_pi @JuanGomezJurado @as_loren @ebarrera_ @asanchisan @FermindelaCalle No hay quien te encuentre por badajoz.

  • Abbott is now hiring Informatics Data Scientist. To see job specs and apply for the position, please go to the link:

  • @TheTruthis10712 @bb82134 @Almightyk9 @meknowhu @NewYorkCherry1 @LeonWhi63670221 @sddickerson @cherylaki7 @HLRowe1 @AspieMum @overthewall1630 @CrispyCurry @AbrahamLincthun @JaTapps @hotfunkytown @omeagoz @acton_rosacea @BobC7000 @_Delathor_ @Mandy_Rabble @MsRain62 @TheWoodman2 @ukgranddad @ChrisAlan1969 @COOExexAssist @halomoma @Alice00581238 @Biglued1 @Goodnightma @MissSweets2 @ResistanceHome1 @WordVendetta Ah yes, because only one scientist believes this, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Cliff, maybe to some actual research..

  • Renowned Scientist Stephen Hawking Dead at 76

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  • eu nao consigo gostar de the scientist e parece que sou o unico