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  • Extremely proud & happy to say that Islamic Republic of Pakistan has become the first country in the world to legally register Sikh marriages. Bravo Punjab Assembly! Congratulations to the Pakistani Sikh community! PAKISTAN ZINDABAD! :-)

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  • Punjab Assembly has passed a landmark Punjab Sikhs Anand Karaj Marriages Act 2017. The new legislation has provided legal status to the Sikh marriages. Congrats to the Sikh community of Pakistan and the members of Punjab Assembly for such a tremendous legislation..

  • Pakistan becomes first country to give legal status to Sikh marriages

  • Rahul Baba should first reply about below riots happened in Congress Rule before blaming BJP as Dividing party in #CongressPlenary session. Why not check facts of below : ✏️Anti-Sikh riots ✏️Bhagalpur (Bihar) ✏️Dhule (Maharashtra) ✏️Bharatpur (Rajasthan)

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  • First Indian Fighter Pilot Hardit Singh Malik. The Original Flying Sikh

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  • unsettling video of @theJagmeetSingh holding forth at a 2011 meeting held to denounce a moderate Sikh politician, @ujjaldosanjh, who opposes Khalistani extremism. Why would Singh attack a fellow Sikh who already had been targeted by violent extremists?

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  • Meet Jagmeet Singh, “the incredibly well-dressed” Canadian politician who plays Sikh radical card, “can’t” say who blew up Air India Kanishka. The rival Trudeau fears for Sikh vote

  • I am never stopping my kids from speaking punjabi. English urdu school ch sikh lain gay punjabi kithon sikhan gay?

  • As Jagmeet Singh condemns terrorism, second video shows him speaking alongside Sikh separatist

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  • Now is the time for all good Canadians not to allow a minority of bad apples to smear the Sikh community which is contributing so much to Canada.

  • Punjab Assembly creates history by unanimously passing a law regulating marriages of Sikh community. Details here:

  • Dear @narendramodi , Hindus of Jammu want to give all their votes to you and increase the tally from 25 in 2014 to 31 in 2020. Their only condition is: @BJP4India must sever ties with anti-Bharat, anti-Hindu, anti-Jammu, anti-Buddhist, anti-Ladakh, anti-Sikh @MehboobaMufti ..

  • Sikhs express joy as Pakistan becomes first country to regulate Sikh marriages

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  • #ICYMI - As Jagmeet Singh condemns terrorism, second video shows him speaking alongside Sikh separatist

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  • Sikh kR mjhe b sikhana

  • Great!!! Pakistan becomes first country to give legal status to #Sikh marriages. #SikhMarriageAct #SikhRespectPakistan

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  • @jonkay @theJagmeetSingh @ujjaldosanjh “Attack a fellow Sikh” Wow, it’s almost as if you are saying speech is violence..

  • I swear this old man just needs to retire into obscurity quietly instead of offering his worthless takes on jagmeet singh and other sikh politicians

  • @Official_Max11 Max ji aap bhi to correct krne ki koshish kro na @haay_daiya ko😂 Tbi to sikh paengi Bhabhi ji English Gori mem ke jesi 😅.

  • As Jagmeet Singh condemns terrorism, second video shows him speaking alongside Sikh separatist | National Post

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  • ⒈ #KKvPZ ⒉ #PTIMultanCampaign ⒊ #کرپشن_کی_داستان ⒋ #لوہے_کے_چنوں_کاحلوہ ⒌ #PSLFinal ⒍ Lahore Qalandars ⒎ Chelsea ⒏ Sikh ⒐ Rao Anwar ⒑ Sohail Khan 2018/3/15 17:07 PKT #trndnl

  • Singh attended 2016 Sikh sovereignty event where speaker promoted violence

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  • Another remarkable piece by @theJagmeetSingh: "Genocide and intergenerational trauma are complex issues. Our answer to them must be thoughtful and compassionate." #cdnpoli.

  • 1. What is wrong with black turbans? I think they look stylish af 2. Militants in 1984 riots? I mean sure looks like you know the subject at hand. Not. The "riots" were government organised massacres of innocent Sikh civilians across India. Why not mention this?

  • @Joti421 @jksthind Haha I just got blocked too because I corrected his explanation of what a “Khalistani” is. Funny that he feels he’s capable of explaining such a complex Sikh related issue despite not having any experiences or belonging to the religion itself..

  • @theJagmeetSingh When will politicians understand that endorsing or following a cult ...any cult is going to cost them in their arena.Whether it is a Christian bible thumper or a Sikh re-incarnation turban wearer it will NOT work. We as taxpayers want secular politicians. No mythology or nonsense.


  • The issue is only going to get worse unless and until he finds a more effective way to navigate the issue.

  • ICYMI: Jagmeet Singh attended Sikh separatist rally in 2015

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  • @JacobBRDS @gregoryrho @francois_v @nationalpost Oh BTW ... One of the longest serving Indian PMs and most respected was a Orthodox Sikh ... Manmohan Singh.. elected by a Hindu majority. So stop spewing your bullshit lies. khalistan = terrorism.

  • @saltaf01 @globeandmail Very traumatic. I may not have known the names of Bhindranwale as a child but i remember the images of dead bodies at the Golden Temple, the girl from my school who lost her parents in air india bombing, the pics of tortured young men, people burned alive in anti sikh "riots"..

  • As Jagmeet Singh condemns terrorism, second video shows him speaking alongside Sikh separatist via @nationalpost.

  • NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has issued a statement after two videos surfaced of him at events with Sikh separatists. @glen_mcgregor reports: #cdnpoli

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  • PA passes world’s first Sikh Marriage Act

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