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    #ZaynMalik twitter.
  • Being compared to someone just because they’re a Pakistani-Yorkshireman? Rude! Oh, it’s super hot @zaynmalik? Yep, yep, yep. I accept.

  • Zayn e Gigi terminaram? É agora minha chance........ Oi sumido @zaynmalik.

  • 💔 @GiGiHadid and @zaynmalik confirm breakup

  • Agree. @zaynmalik remember about who you are dude!!!

  • OH TOH AISE BREAKUP HOTA HAI...Hamare wale to kuch bolte hi nahi hai aise hi nikal lete hain 😭💔

  • @zaynmalik Hi Zaayyyyyynnnnnnnn I love u😁😂.

  • @zaynmalik

  • Wowieeee @justinbieber @zaynmalik

    #ZaynMalik twitter.
  • @makayleysanford @zaynmalik.

  • and yet u dont have the courage to write a fucking paragraph to when u left one direction

  • @httpskelly @zaynmalik this is a good tweet.

  • @jaehnpage @Mariistylinso @Diyamehta15 @Fireproof_Tappy @_rcrocker @1D_Maniac07 @zaynmalik this is gold..

  • Why u have to do this to me

  • @zaynmalik hit my line whenever you want 😊.

  • ayEeeEe your tatto dudeEeEeE, , ,


  • @zaynmalik

    #ZaynMalik twitter.
  • @odonnell_88 @FreeKatoAndKleo @TheEllenShow @CharlizeAfrica @rickygervais @SimonCowell @KatieHeigl @FINALLEVEL @MelanieCmusic @ZacEfron @RyanGosling @adamlevine @Mattdavelewis @zaynmalik @Clegit5 @rachaelray tag @jannarden - dog advocate and @Wynonna is as well.

  • @Mr_Palestino @zaynmalik what did I do to you🙁.

  • 😶

  • A neka jadan pomiricete se vi za 2 dana

  • The fact that this has 300k likes while his own release has nowhere near that — upsetting.

  • Odio ver este tipo de noticias! Todo llega a su tiempo.

  • @maybe_laterrrr @zaynmalik Girl I’m high key mad!!! This just proves how cowardly and pathetic he is, honestly..

  • naked top girls tube tetas naked

  • So @zaynmalik, uh, watcha gonna do bout that tattoo now??.

  • @zaynmalik Z2 IS COMING BSH.

  • Kamu kenapa beb, cerita sini @zaynmalik.

  • @princ3_young @GiGiHadid @zaynmalik Look at the date lol.

  • Ok the break up has lasted long enough @GiGiHadid @zaynmalik get back together now.

  • @Prambors @GiGiHadid @zaynmalik Masih disimpan rapi, paper cutting buatan dia, dan sepucuk surat waktu masih pedekate 😂.