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Tweet247 | Updated: Thu, 19 Apr 2018, 02:02 AM IST

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  • Ang masasabi ko sarap na may mga attys sa ADN,madaling maintidihan ang legalities ng mga bagay undrstanding contract #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @NellyGBasco @leyah_q @GuilloShiela @aldenrichards02 @mainedcm YES! I CHOOSE ALDUB @gmanetwork @ramsdavid @DirekMike @EatBulaga @MalouChoaFagar #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe👫 @ManaloMac @arlyn_daza @blackberry1629 @andrea_tablante @VictoriaGlena @smtotanes @noemicaseres53 @cal_lyn @shirogerdm #GMANetworkSacrilegious.

  • @Elj1329 @vhilms_ @andallorie @ibanimee @aldubeth @pinkyfaye @latuazon @wengcookie @armm2015 @AlDuBEternallyG @jophie30 @sakurakharel @DGraziel @CoraMarcelo1 @star_58 @ApCarlan @theBatt218 Permit #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @Elj1329 @vhilms_ @andallorie @ibanimee @aldubeth @pinkyfaye @latuazon @wengcookie @armm2015 @AlDuBEternallyG @jophie30 @sakurakharel @DGraziel @CoraMarcelo1 @star_58 @ApCarlan @theBatt218 Fashion #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @Elj1329 @vhilms_ @andallorie @ibanimee @aldubeth @pinkyfaye @latuazon @wengcookie @armm2015 @AlDuBEternallyG @jophie30 @sakurakharel @DGraziel @CoraMarcelo1 @star_58 @ApCarlan @theBatt218 Precautions #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public. @lynieg88 @jophie30 @wengcookie @sherrypie18 #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @Elj1329 @vhilms_ @andallorie @ibanimee @aldubeth @pinkyfaye @latuazon @wengcookie @armm2015 @AlDuBEternallyG @jophie30 @sakurakharel @CoraMarcelo1 @star_58 @ApCarlan @theBatt218 Dream #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @ALDUB_Joy25 @therese10101958 @JulliePatricio @94Phanie @Charleah1120 @AldubAbeth @Annie2859 @latuazon @zens80 @lynieg88 @aldubeth @oliva_juliet @bourne_angel @zenybong @boongaling_e @mindatan2014 @pinkyfaye @AnAmadeo @carcat29 @ApolinarioCalde @elizamunoz1956 @Nheng2226 @iverlois @Happyhero4409 @radoc_jeana @abcbants @Joy25_2nd baton #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • I WISH i could be a status, so you could LIKE me . @lynieg88 @jophie30 @wengcookie @sherrypie18 #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • Are you a dictionary because you add meaning in my life. @lynieg88 @jophie30 @wengcookie @sherrypie18 #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @ALDUB_Joy25 @pinkyfaye @carcat29 @FelyMercado7 @AldubAbeth @merlycabuenas19 @aldubeth @oliva_juliet @elizamunoz1956 @iamdaycruz @latuazon @PatricioCora @mariachonatabe1 @JulliePatricio @ApolinarioCalde @abcbants @iverlois @mindatan2014 @bourne_angel @Nheng2226 @Happyhero4409 @therese10101958 @Annie2859 @DavosRd @CoraMarcelo1 @Mickeyz1122 Swing #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • Excuse me, do you have the time? Woman: No. Man: Well I have the time and it says I have time for you all the time. @lynieg88 @jophie30 @wengcookie @sherrypie18 #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @ALDUB_Joy25 @pinkyfaye @carcat29 @FelyMercado7 @AldubAbeth @merlycabuenas19 @aldubeth @oliva_juliet @elizamunoz1956 @iamdaycruz @latuazon @PatricioCora @mariachonatabe1 @JulliePatricio @ApolinarioCalde @abcbants @iverlois @mindatan2014 @bourne_angel @Nheng2226 @Happyhero4409 @therese10101958 @Annie2859 @DavosRd @CoraMarcelo1 @Mickeyz1122 Sweetheart #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • I dont want to be your whole life — Just your favorite part. @lynieg88 @jophie30 @wengcookie @sherrypie18 #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @ALDUB_Joy25 @therese10101958 @JulliePatricio @94Phanie @Charleah1120 @AldubAbeth @Annie2859 @latuazon @zens80 @lynieg88 @aldubeth @oliva_juliet @bourne_angel @zenybong @boongaling_e @mindatan2014 @pinkyfaye @AnAmadeo @carcat29 @ApolinarioCalde @elizamunoz1956 @Nheng2226 @iverlois @Happyhero4409 @radoc_jeana @abcbants @Joy25_2nd bang #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @Elj1329 @vhilms_ @andallorie @ibanimee @aldubeth @pinkyfaye @latuazon @wengcookie @armm2015 @AlDuBEternallyG @jophie30 @sakurakharel @CoraMarcelo1 @star_58 @ApCarlan @theBatt218 Drumstick #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • It’s easy to forget things you want to remember. Its hard to forget things you don’t want to remember. @lynieg88 @jophie30 @wengcookie @sherrypie18 #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • Always remember a person who talks to you about others, will also talk to others about you. @lynieg88 @jophie30 @wengcookie @sherrypie18 #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @BarbaraPunzalan @sakurakharel @iam_ginghs @Mye_Pixie @ALDubFTnQT @fthotladies @Arwen_Elfin @wengcookie @Salvesayson @ricsl1600 @montenegro_emil @ALDub_RTeam @xanria_018 @sherrypie18 @salvadortrish21 @lynieg88 @WDabuet @lallavillamil61 @Mamita1224 @sfkitty56 @mariachonatabe1 @serranodmarie @JennyOcera @Barbarapunzala1 @NoraNoraCampos @bssMagic24 @ConnieV17 @Koletskilang @Myles0312_uk @boongaling_e @abcbants @amyagapito11 @DJGraphicsArts @AkingPoreber24 @mecampo09 @milkyway1969 @Glynnchen @lynie1283 @azcevergel @jephoi23 @mickhaela08 @mark31926 @yodabuda @SenyoraTidora_ @AlDubBigPemily @ls_maiden0712 @HokageHoney10 @MaineDYOSAS @AMInaticsOFC Oo nga may back up ako nga pag Visaya dili man kasabot ang iba unsaon man hahah unya tagalugon nalang ganda @sakurakharel #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @ALDUB_Joy25 @pinkyfaye @carcat29 @FelyMercado7 @AldubAbeth @merlycabuenas19 @aldubeth @oliva_juliet @elizamunoz1956 @iamdaycruz @latuazon @PatricioCora @mariachonatabe1 @JulliePatricio @ApolinarioCalde @abcbants @iverlois @mindatan2014 @bourne_angel @Nheng2226 @Happyhero4409 @therese10101958 @Annie2859 @DavosRd @CoraMarcelo1 @Mickeyz1122 Sweet #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things. @lynieg88 @jophie30 @wengcookie @sherrypie18 #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • Life is like a camera. Focus only on what is important and you will capture it perfectly. @lynieg88 @jophie30 @wengcookie @sherrypie18 #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • Never let something go, that you’ve worked so hard to get. @lynieg88 @jophie30 @wengcookie @sherrypie18 #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @ALDUB_Joy25 @pinkyfaye @carcat29 @FelyMercado7 @AldubAbeth @merlycabuenas19 @aldubeth @oliva_juliet @elizamunoz1956 @iamdaycruz @latuazon @PatricioCora @mariachonatabe1 @JulliePatricio @ApolinarioCalde @abcbants @iverlois @mindatan2014 @bourne_angel @Nheng2226 @Happyhero4409 @therese10101958 @Annie2859 @DavosRd @CoraMarcelo1 @Mickeyz1122 Smile #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • Never take a shortcut in life, take the long route because you pick up more experiences on the way. @lynieg88 @jophie30 @wengcookie @sherrypie18 #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @ALDUB_Joy25 @therese10101958 @JulliePatricio @94Phanie @Charleah1120 @AldubAbeth @Annie2859 @latuazon @zens80 @lynieg88 @aldubeth @oliva_juliet @bourne_angel @zenybong @boongaling_e @mindatan2014 @pinkyfaye @AnAmadeo @carcat29 @ApolinarioCalde @elizamunoz1956 @Nheng2226 @iverlois @Happyhero4409 @radoc_jeana @abcbants @Joy25_2nd eats #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @ALDUB_Joy25 @pinkyfaye @carcat29 @FelyMercado7 @AldubAbeth @merlycabuenas19 @aldubeth @oliva_juliet @elizamunoz1956 @iamdaycruz @latuazon @PatricioCora @mariachonatabe1 @JulliePatricio @ApolinarioCalde @abcbants @iverlois @mindatan2014 @bourne_angel @Nheng2226 @Happyhero4409 @therese10101958 @Annie2859 @DavosRd @CoraMarcelo1 @Mickeyz1122 Small #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @Elj1329 @vhilms_ @andallorie @ibanimee @aldubeth @pinkyfaye @latuazon @wengcookie @armm2015 @AlDuBEternallyG @jophie30 @sakurakharel @CoraMarcelo1 @star_58 @ApCarlan @theBatt218 Draft #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • You never stop loving someone. You either never did, or you always will. @lynieg88 @jophie30 @wengcookie @sherrypie18 #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • Sometimes you forgive people simply because you still want them in your life. @lynieg88 @jophie30 @wengcookie @sherrypie18 #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @ALDUB_Joy25 @pinkyfaye @carcat29 @FelyMercado7 @AldubAbeth @merlycabuenas19 @aldubeth @oliva_juliet @elizamunoz1956 @iamdaycruz @latuazon @PatricioCora @mariachonatabe1 @JulliePatricio @ApolinarioCalde @abcbants @iverlois @mindatan2014 @bourne_angel @Nheng2226 @Happyhero4409 @therese10101958 @Annie2859 @DavosRd @CoraMarcelo1 @Mickeyz1122 Search #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @ALDUB_Joy25 @therese10101958 @JulliePatricio @94Phanie @Charleah1120 @AldubAbeth @Annie2859 @latuazon @zens80 @lynieg88 @aldubeth @oliva_juliet @bourne_angel @zenybong @boongaling_e @mindatan2014 @pinkyfaye @AnAmadeo @carcat29 @ApolinarioCalde @elizamunoz1956 @Nheng2226 @iverlois @Happyhero4409 @radoc_jeana @abcbants @Joy25_2nd ates #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @Elj1329 @vhilms_ @andallorie @ibanimee @aldubeth @pinkyfaye @latuazon @wengcookie @armm2015 @AlDuBEternallyG @jophie30 @sakurakharel @CoraMarcelo1 @star_58 @ApCarlan @theBatt218 Drink #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe.

  • @lynieg88 @jophie30 @wengcookie @sherrypie18 #ALDUBwillAlwaysBe So many ways to say “I love you”, but not enough words in the world to say how much..