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Tweet247 | Updated: Tue, 24 Apr 2018, 22:03 PM IST

#Canada Top Tweets On Twitter

  • The Toronto Maple Leafs fans singing O Canada is amazing #TorontoStrong.

  • Wait. The Toronto terrorist wasn’t inspired by ISIS. He was a sexually frustrated white guy who may have been so mad about being turned down by women that he went on a rampage. Toxic masculinity literally turned into terrorism..

  • Nine people dead and 16 injured after van strikes pedestrians in Toronto, police in Canada say.

  • The Latest: A judge in Canada orders the 25-year-old man suspected of driving a van into pedestrians in Toronto detained on 10 counts of first-degree murder and 13 of attempted murder..

  • ¡Hoy es el lanzamiento en digital de #CincuentaSombrasLiberadas en USA y Canadá! #FiftyShadesFreed.

  • WIIX, a Canada based cryptocurrency exchange announces its Beta Testing.

  • Plus de théâtre que jamais à la Maison de la culture de Gatineau.

  • @Saintsfan5348 @realDonaldTrump Health care and guns are completely apples to oranges. If you want an average of 10 hour wait times in the ER, move to Canada. Their goal was 4 hour wait times and didn’t come close to making it. My wait time for my docs are already weeks. I’ll work for my health care..

  • Terror in Canada: 9 murdered after Muslim terrorist rams van into pedestrians in Toronto.

  • Canadá investiga posibles conexiones terroristas del atropello en #Toronto.

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  • Toronto van attack: How is the suspect not dead? - via.

  • "It would be good if we could remember that about Toronto, remember the cop who didn’t shoot." #TorontoStrong.

  • @JohnIbbitson Well written piece and good reminder during this emotional time. #Torontostronger @globeandmail “We are not going to let anyone take our peaceful, free, diverse, safe streets away from us.”.

  • In 2001, Portugal decriminalized the possession of small amounts of all illicit drugs. They also significantly expanded the treatment options available to those who suffer from substance.

  • @DVATW These incidents will continue in Canada Europe Australia worst being London now with higher homicide levels thanks NYC London has 32 000 police defeated not by crime but by liberal Marxist thought police in power policing color race gender sexual preference versus religion.

  • Great app @TalkUApp, call for free. #Canada #DancingBrasil.

  • Death of woman, 25, in north Edmonton weapons complaint, ruled suspicious.

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  • If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times. Who can? Dosecann! 🌱🔬💧.

  • Last chance for the DU Canada tank top. (Limited numbers of large and XL left in stock) | | #canada #ottawa #supportlocal @ Ottawa, Ontario.

  • Au Canada: Cars/Auto 0 min & Trucks/Camion 0 min To/Au US/EU: Cars/Auto 0 min Trucks/Camion 20 min..

  • No romaine recall in Canada, but CFIA keeping tabs on E. coli outbreak in US - CTV News.

  • I talked about this all over the world yesterday. If convicted, 1st degree murder is automatic life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years in #Canada #torontovanattack.

  • @anthonyfurey Before the Leafs game 6 last night this terrorist attack was brought up in hockey night in Canada, however it was referred to as a " tragic incident ".

  • El asesinato de los estudiantes en Jalisco sacude al país; Peña envía a Canadá.

  • Great how American media spends more time on Canada’s tragedy than the racially charged mass shooting of four innocent Americans. A shooting completed by a radicalized American. #mediaracismisinstititionalized.

  • Ottawa probing Tim Hortons franchisee claims that Brazilian parent company is failing to honour commitments to Canada via @nationalpost.

  • @LuminPplm สนิทในระดับที่ยังถ่ายรูปคู่ไม่ได้ค่ะกัวเขารู้หมดว่าจริงๆเป็นแฟน .-..

  • Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) promoted John Graham, Suyi Kim, Deborah Orida, Poul Winslow, to Senior Managing Directors and Senior Management Team.

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  • @Canada_aengjaa น้องน่ารักขนาดนี้ผัวได้ไงง แต่คำว่าผัวอาจจะแปลว่าผัวชื่อโจ้ก็ได้นะคะㅠㅠ.

  • Feel bad for Toronto with what happened yesterday, but to be honest them yelling “GO LEAFS” after every line of the National Anthem is fucking annoying as hell. Bruins fans actually singing along with O Canada when it’s in Boston. Typical shitty Toronto fans.

  • Driver in Toronto Van Rampage Is Charged with Murder.

  • Join me in asking @L_MacAulay to end food waste in Canada! #WhyWasteFood - Sign the Petition! via @CdnChange.

  • @enquirehere @fascinatorfun @h1llbillies @manctofu @Jim_Cornelius Once again here is the frictionless US/Canada border evidenced by the likes of Hannan.

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  • Revealing the power of stories: @umanitoba researcher reflects on 10 years as a Canada Research Chair in Narrative, Community and Indigenous Cultures.

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