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  • It is a thing of pride that Nigerians like Judge Eboe-Osuji, elected as the new President, International Criminal Court, are making a mark on the international stage.

  • READ: Philippine Coalition for the International Criminal Court’s statement on President Duterte’s decision to withdraw from the International Criminal Court. Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque was a former co-chair of PCICC | via @mikenavallo

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  • President Duterte says he is pulling the Philippines out of the treaty underpinning the International Criminal Court. Duterte wants no investigation of his brutal "drug war" that has led to the deaths of over 12,000 Filipinos.

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  • Inulan ng batikos si Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque matapos niyang bumaligtad sa isyu ng pagkalas ng Pilipinas sa International Criminal Court.

  • Malacañang: PH to withdraw from ICC

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  • Philippine Coalition for the International Criminal Court, kinundina ang pagtalikod ni PanguloNg Duterte sa ICC @dzbb

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  • “The withdrawal would not affect the status of the judge from the Philippines." #PHNews

  • Iyan ang problema kapag wala kang respeto sa batas. Noong ginamit mo ang batas para gipitin ang mga kritiko mo. Wala kang reklamo. Tapos ngayon ikaw ang dapat humarap sa batas. Iwas pusoy ka. Maging aral sa iyo ito Duterte. Nobody is above the law.

  • Vice President Leni Robredo on PH ratification of the Rome Statute: Parang shining moment iyon kasi 11 years bago ito na-ratify sa Senado.

  • Kala nya makakalusot ka ano? May pa "effective immediately" ka pang ka ek ekan. Akala ko ba abugado ka? Asus!...

  • President Duterte says PH will withdraw from the ICC effective immediately. How does the Rome Statute, the treaty which formed the ICC, define the procedure of withdrawal?

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  • @Andrei_Felix @ClaireCeldran @ChristineJacob7 Roque defends PH withdrawal from ICC: Treaty should be published on Official Gazette

  • President Rodrigo Duterte has said he is pulling the Philippines out of the treaty underpinning the International Criminal Court, which is examining his deadly drug war

  • Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has announced that the country will withdraw from the establishing treaty of the International Criminal Court.

  • #AlamNyoBa na hindi Pilipinas ang unang bansang kumalas sa International Criminal Court?

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  • This, boys and girls, is what you call a coward. Thanks, WP, for featuring this spineless act.

  • Hindi lang Pilipinas ang walang kumpiyansa sa ICC. Galit ang mga Aprikanong bansa. Walang kumpiyansa ang...

  • President Rodrigo Duterte decided on the Philippines’ withdrawal from the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) founding treaty, the Rome Statute, “effective immediately”.

  • Yep, only all GWBush-era War Criminals were fully protected by Obama Administration because only 3 out of 5 UN Security Council permanent members🇺🇸🇷🇺🇨🇳are NOT participating the territorial jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court.

  • @paulottewell @CBRNEsteve @10DowningStreet @rgoodlaw and @alexgwhiting suggest the answer is yes (, but see the excellent piece by Charlie Dunlap in response (

  • Retweeted AFP news agency (@AFP): President Duterte says Philippines will quit International Criminal Court,...

  • Wow. Duterte pulls out of the International Criminal Court. What a shocker. The ICC is weirdly just as bad off with the Philippines staying under Duterte as going - both are equally fraught..

  • Duterte Pulls Philippines Out Of International Criminal Court


  • @utog69 @loidasandiego77 @trekkercaspian @MPalugar @renguillar @paternocarpio @EmeraldJackie @paul_rpaul @SapphireGir75 @Ilokosboy @Bazoom_ @TKasoy @BoyoKiss @Rianpocs @ATajum @ibp8800 @Maylin0915 @Remberto1010 @k_aletha @cnnphilippines @Fitch1124 @Jjcruz2 @Johaines8 @JGimoro @MelLegaspi1 @merilla2010 Kapit mga ka-DDS. Medyo butas butas ang ilong este ang kalsada malulubak tyo habang nililitis ang kaso si Tatay Digong sa International #CRIMINAL Court. Kakahiya noh?! LOL 😂🤣😎.

  • The irony would be if it is found that he is a drug user himself similar to those many republican congressmen who have preached conservative valued and yet to be found to have mistresses.

  • Pang. Rodrigo Duterte, tinawag na duwag ng grupong Karapatan dahil sa pagkalas sa International Criminal Court. | via @allangatus

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  • Roque 2011 VS. Roque 2018 Its never too late to return to the light @attyharryroque #EndImpunity

  • America soon to follow.

  • President Rodrigo Duterte will withdraw the Philippines from the Rome Statute #ICC #Philippines.

  • Duterte atapang daw atao Usapang adik, hindi atakbo Usapang patayan, hindi atakbo Usapang gahasa, hindi atakbo Usapang imbestiga, hindi atakbo Usapang kulong, atakbo atulin! #DuterteDuwag 😂😂😂

  • #Philippines #RodrigoDuterte gives the #ICC the #BigHiHowdy for medling in his internal affairs; curious how this situation has echoes of the #Russia #Spy killing in #UK :