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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 25 Apr 2018, 16:04 PM IST

Iran Top Tweets On Twitter

  • #modiinuk well said Sir, today India has had the courage to visit Israel, Palestine, UAE and Iran at will. You are unbeatable. 2019 is yours. God bless !.

  • We have got four neighbors, China, Iran, Afghanistan and India. Except China, we are having a deep enmity with the remainings. A completly failed foreign policy! Shame on u policy makers. #PashtunTahaffuzMovement.

  • #Iran set to attack Israel. Russia and USA+allies getting agressive against each other over Syria. Is world heading towards #WW3 rather than #GlobalChaos ?.

  • Iran blocks Telegram and Instagram amid widespread protests in the country.

  • @Le_Communard_ @Ash_Mustafa @Moemustafa_313 @jadinho123 @amanimustafa32 Criticize as harshly as you like, only I feel it is unwise to deal the US and Iran an equal level of opprobrium or moral equivalence. Have you not done this? "Murderous regimes", is quite an incendiary label of the US and flagarantly false.

  • Experts: Iran, Hezbollah Have ‘Radicalized Thousands of Latin Americans’.

  • http://www. #;view=article&id=32638:the-#mek-s-role-in-the-iran-iraq-war&catid=50:blog&Itemid=137.

  • @Freedomoftruth_ @Michael72763712 @BriereBear @jackschofield @andyguitar55 @JoyAnnReid @realDonaldTrump Basically everything you just said is NOT TRUE! You can spout off CNN talking points very well though! Anti American--that was OBAMA! He was the one who literally sold us out & gave billions of $ to Iran (of OUR money) DT is doing a great job FOR THIS COUNTRY!! Period..

  • The Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad,#Iran is a complex which contains the mausoleum of Imam Reza, the 8th Imam of Twelver # is the #largest mosque in the #world by area. #tourist #PictureOfTheDay @PicPublic @EarthPix @earthposts @zackJZ1 @orbitview.

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  • Scientific publications, 2015. 1. US 2. China 3. UK 4. Germany 5. Japan 6. India 7. France 8. Italy 9. South Korea 10. Canada 11. Spain 12. Australia 13. Brazil 14. Russia 15. Turkey 16. Iran 17. Netherlands 18. Taiwan 19. Poland 20. Switzerland (Hcères) So Africa kraa why?😨.

  • @hrtablaze Iran defends itself. The United States seeks to conquer other countries!.

  • Ik vind een @YouTube-video leuk: The Debate - Iran Defense Capability.

  • پلیس ایران از ضبط صدها میلیون دلار و یورو «ارز قاچاق» خبر داد منبع : رادیو فردا.

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  • 📣📣NOVEDAD📣📣 Ya estamos en Facebook, con una página actualizada diariamente donde se publicarán noticias,sorteos, Este año nos centraremos en los cadetes que iran al @TorneoNIC #SumateALaSeleccion #AciertaConToto #RoadToNic #SeleccionBurgos.

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  • @Freee_Iran_2018 @titishossaltane هر دو.

  • Iran Larang Lembaga Negara Pakai Telegram -.

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  • Opinion | Europe’s Plea to Congress: Keep the Iran Pact.

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  • New campaign to drive national education monitoring | IASWI - | #IranProtests.

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  • Iran bans state bodies from using Telegram app.

  • Terremoto in Iran, scossa di magnitudo a Bushehr.

  • @VOAIran Kesafata Iran 🇮🇷 ru karhb kardin.

  • US hopes for success in talks with Europeans on Iran nuclear deal | Reuters.

  • Israel’s 70th Independence Day clouded by rumbling of conflict with Iran TheHill.

  • Irán dispuesto para cambio de escenario en acuerdo nuclear.

  • @steffino000 @FoxBusiness Rumsfield and the other Neo Cons convinced Dubya of Saddams involvement and chemical weapons, which was BS. Now we have crazy Bolton who is going to do same thing to Trump with Iran..

  • @Thalon1us @KarinStrobl afgnanen kommen zu 90% aus dem Iran (ihre Freundin weiss das sicher) .. und haben daher keinen Fluchtgrund!!!!!!! ....

  • @LeonardBaca3 @GinScorpio014 @Billright50 @realDonaldTrump @JPN_PMO @AbeShinzo @NoRinosNoDems @SFCA4Trump As opposed to his predecessor who was a smooth lying con man that gave us a crap health care plan, Iran with nuclear capabilities, Benghazi, IRS targeting Conservatives, Fast and Furious and on and.

  • hopes for success in talks with Europeans on Iran nuclear deal.

  • Iran: sorgen sie vor gegen regime change-Versuche des friedliebenden Westens❓ Iran To Unveil New Missile Next Week.

  • @sean_spicier ....or sent pallets of cash in the dark of night on an unmarked aircraft to the leading state sponsor of.

  • @IrishJoe99 @kompromat666 @phyllebo @brianmacian @lorettafaucher @rolandscahill Technically the cash to Iran is Carter and Reagan’s fault for Fucking up back in 79-80 and not returning the funds for the jets/not seizing assets. If it went to The Hague it woulda cost the USA 10billion and global embarrassment.

  • @50statesclub50 @maggieNYT @jaketapper @FLOTUS Everyone is far from perfect. Just like Obuma. Fast and furious. IRS scandal, wire tapping. Doing nothing against Isis. Sending cash to IRAN..

  • •#Iran News• "European MPs Urge US Not to Scrap Iran Nuclear Deal".

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  • Earthquake of magnitude – 50km W of Ravar, Iran.

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