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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 25 Apr 2018, 16:04 PM IST

Iran Top Tweets On Twitter

  • Entiendan estas son las políticas preelecciones, ya también irán x la carne, huevos y otros.

  • @_MyLittlePretty @LeanneKruswicki @Ferndale44 @WrightTonna @GregShugar @realDonaldTrump Obama that cozied up to Louis Farrakhan? Obama that went around the world apologizing? Obama that slapped Israel in the face & gave Iran billions?.

  • FM Zarif says Iran would discuss prisoner swap if US showed respect.

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  • ..serba ditakut-takutin, 😃 ..ditakut2in supaya jangan deket2 dengan Negara China, ditakut2in supaya jangan deket2 dengan negara Iran, ditakut2in supaya jangan deket2 negara Rusia, 😃😃 . . After all, kok gak ada.

  • @JohnnyMackay5 @SLSmith000 @realDonaldTrump Ask Obama as he sent 4 billion in cash to Iran on.

  • @beto__34 @ARMAGEDDON50 @RegeneracionMx Y si pierde? Cerrará lo pronto hay clientes que ya no irá muy torpe asociar bussiness con politica.

  • @IvanAkinfiev @verykhaleeji Russia hated us ever since its Roman Empire. We were a Catholic country, Russia is orthodox and always did the impossible to annex our country and gain back Lebanon’s territory, whether by alliance with Syria or with Iran..

  • Apparently Selena Gomez and her team will go on a travel 🆕 Al parecer Selena Gomez y su equipo se irán de viaje.

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  • ظریف می‌گوید با تغییر «نگرش» آمریکا می‌شود در مورد زندانیان مذاکره کرد منبع : رادیو فردا.

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  • Former Neturei Karta Leader on Talkline With Zev Brenner Tonight 11 PM - 2:00 AM on WSNR 620 AM Rabbi Moshe Aryeh Friedman who took NK to Iran Holocuast Denying conf. Also:.

  • To Save the Iran Deal, the EU Should Adjust Its Strategy.

  • @migeroli @DanielAbatecola @elisacarrio @diogara El pacto con Iran? Otra mentira que quedará en tu lista de ingenuidades. Otro proceso que solo sirve para desviar la atencion de los clase media que pronto volveran a golpear cacerolas..

  • @CynthiaEOwens1 @ceagpatriot @trumpism_45 Obama gave us 8 years of no jobs, no growth in the economy, took the debt from 9trillion to 20 trillion dollars, Did nothing with North Korea, gave Iran billions of dollars. President Trump has turned the economy around and is about to end the war with North Korea!.

  • @SanjuanaMtz @CARLOS_CAVA @CiroMurayamaINE @INEMexico El INE debe de explicar, en qué se baso para asignar a estas personas, que no están absolutamente a la altura de un debate presidencial El TEPJF y el INE se pasan de la raya Ya estamos cansados Yo creo que al terminar esta presidencia se irán de México No los queremos.

  • ¡Acabo de ganar "¡Álbum completado!"! #PaniniStickerAlbum Segundo álbum lleno. Último cromo pegado: Reza Ghoochannejahd de Irán. #PaniniStickerAlbum.

  • Used indoors? On babies w/o gas masks? Why is it banned by 100 nations for use in war? Not to mention it started the fire based on FLIR images What IS fake as hell are the Syrian "gas" attacks US did however aid Saddam Hussein to use gas against Iran & later kill 6,800 Kurds.

  • @ali_maleki256 من بدون تعارف میگم که هیچکدومشون نه خایه دارندو نه مایه. #جمهوری_اسلامی فاسد است.امّ الفساد شخص حقیرعلی #خامنه‌ای ملعون است.ملت ایران او و نظامش را به همراه تمامی اعوان و انصار پلیدش به گورستان تاریخ خواهد سپرد. #کولبر_نان_ندارد #کولبر #کولبران #براندازم_ولی_نه_با_مجاهدین.

  • Voy a extrapolarlo así: Invasión a Irán ¿Culpa de Hussein? Destrucción de Libia ¿Culpa de Gadaffi? Fácil es hacer artículos, ligera es la Jodido es tratar de gobernar con el imperio más genocida de la historia respirandote en el cuello, rodeado de gobiernos.

  • @cpnStarkiller @pope_snarky @snazzyschnau @TeaPainUSA Problem with the Spanish Inquisition isn’t that it blasphemously used the name of #Christ Any #Theocracy, where religious leaders are given temporal power, will be oppressive. From primitive human sacrifices to #ISIS & #Iran, anyone who rules in the name of God - any god is bad.

  • @InvictosSomos Ehhh, viendole el lado Bueno al menos los jugadores Peruanos que irán al Mundial les dejarán buen dinero si los llegan a vender! XF.

  • Breaking Israel Netanyahu calls Nations to Unite against Iran threat to ... via @YouTube.

  • 安倍さん今度中東外交に行くのはイスラエル、あるいはトランプ大統領から頼まれたのか?日本が巻き込まれる危険性すらある。いつかの演説の悪夢再びレベル。 Iran Tells Israel: ‘Our Fingers Are on the Trigger, Missiles Are Ready to Launch,’ as Syria Tensions Mount.

  • Las viejas metas las ilusiones donde irán.

  • Iran is arresting women for posing w/o headscarves. Iranian women w/o headscarves (14 Photos).

  • Tehran Names Condition for New Iran-US Prisoner Swap.

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  • Trump dan Macron akan bertemu untuk bahas perjanjian nuklir Iran.

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  • Militer Iran Siap Basmi Rezim Zionis Israel.

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  • 消費税17%とか本気で言うてんの?馬鹿としか言いようがないけど それでも自民支持とか変態としか言えない 〇〇のための増税なら良いんだけどねー なんて軽々しく言われても困る.

  • @cher he may be a real president to you, but Dems presidents like him destroyed IRAN. all the way from Jimmy Carter through clintons & Obamas. the only real president is trump. HE IS EXPOSING DEMS AGENDA, AND CROOKED HILLARY & DIED IN 2009-2010 UPRISINGS, BAMA DID NOTHING..

  • @TLCLittleCouple #iran Afshin Ghaderzadeh is 16 years old from a village in Bukan city of Iran. He is 64cm in high & most likely D shortest teenager in D whole world. The Board of Education in Iran did not allow him to enrol in school because of his hight. 🙊.

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  • Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says Iran’s atomic agency was ready with “expected and unexpected” reactions if the United States pulls out of a multinational nuclear deal, as President Donald Trump has threatened to do..

  • بونگ بونگ بونگ بونگ بونگ بونگ بونگ.

  • @alqudsalarabi I see you Iranians have started begging ,!! Is that how much it means to you Iran just talking to your America ?? You tried everything even went to your cousin Abadibto mediate ! but no joy sadly, what next Zereef !!!! for Iran ???.

  • @barbaraslavin1 @JZarif @TheIranDeal Very likely Iran will stay and Javad and his brutal regime out!.

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