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LeBron Twitter Trends - Top Tweets

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Tweet247 | Updated: Mon, 23 Apr 2018, 10:05 AM IST

LeBron Top Tweets On Twitter

  • LeBron Jr. asked his dad if he wanted to play Fortnite 😂 (via mrs_savannahrj/Instagram).

  • LeBron is standing by his teammates. (🔊⬆️).

  • On This Date: LeBron James puts together his first playoff triple-double of his career in 2006..

  • “LeBron is the No. 1 camaraderie guy that I’ve ever been around on any level: high school, college, NBA, and I’ve played with Tim Duncan, Dirk, Jason Kidd, Steph Curry.” — Richard Jefferson.

  • regular season LeBron vs playoff LeBron.

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  • Consiguieron los Cavs igualar la eliminatoria y, como todos pensábamos, el papel de LeBron James fue fundamental. -46 PUNTOS -12 REBOTES -5 ASISTENCIAS -17/24 TC Anotó los 16 primeros puntos de Cleveland Cavaliers..

  • Cavs playing Meek Mill mid-game with LeBron on the court. LeBron to Philly #confirmed..

  • Chuck literally just called LeBron the "Black Unabomber.".

  • I should preface this by saying I’ve naturally always been against LeBron as a Kobe fam, so I don’t know what transformation occurred.

  • "No matter how good individual is, it takes a team to win a championship."-LeBron James How can you win a championship when you got no help from your teammates? You scored 46 points but you just won by three. OMG it seems like you vs. the pacers.😢 #WhateverItTakes.

  • @cavs @KingJames @kevinlove @KyleKorver Does it really have to take 46 points of Lebron for the cavs to win a game? What about the new guys?.

  • "Last night was the 13th season premiere of the greatest show on television: The LeBron James Playoff show." via @getnickwright.

  • @Cle_KiD216 Besides LeBron’s no trade clause lol.

  • Making the Finals with this Cavs team would be a remarkable accomplishment, yet it will probably be used against LeBron. @getnickwright explains.

  • @Sheer_Con Lebron been dope and will always be top 2 for the last 10 years tho so no hate lol.

  • Os molaria que os subiera varias comparativas de jugadores de #nbalivemobile18. Por ejemplo: pippen, lebron realeza y lebrón playoffs. Chamberlain po, Howard y Chamberlain 93. Si veo muchos corazones os las subo.

  • @jayylucianoo @Leakshawdy @thats_dono @juandinerooo @_MoneyRee Victor & indian not goin for that lebron shit.

  • That decided the game LMFAOOO Lebron is GONE.

  • His teammates are shooting like shit this series and we are supposed to blame LeBron. Okay. Damn you LeBron, how can you dare to make your own teammates shoot like that ? Shame on you @KingJames..

  • wow i love lebron james a very humbled dude no homo.

  • É impressionante como o Lue é burro o time tava jogando bem sem fazer aquela merda de bola pro LeBron que ele resolve, do nada o time volta morto e o LeBron longe da cesta..

  • Lebron is definitely outta Cleveland! #Houston #Philly or #LA ?.

  • Lebron pulling a lebron 🤩.

  • @JBgreatwhite @MykM2017 I personally don’t think Adam Silver will let LeBron lose first round. But this has been one of the best playoffs in years.

  • LeBron scores the first 11 points of the game 🤢🙊.

  • LeBron en modo MVP..

  • @Teaguer21 They’re absolutely destroying it! LeBron just went into Beat Mode! 👍🏼.

  • Highkey Cristiano Ronaldo is the Lebron James of soccer and vice versa. Both great players but people hate on them for no reason at all 🤦‍♂️.

  • Want to wager on the #NBAPlayoffs? Sign up and bet on #basketball and get a FREE $25 , NO STRINGS! Bet on the #Cavs and Playoff LeBron or the #Pacers and Oladipo and get that free money:.

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  • Lebron bout to get rid of that nigga 😂.

  • #nbanaespn Oi galera estou aqui assistindo a partida dos cavs estou com a vanessa minha esposa gravida esperando o Lorenzo também fã do Lebron estamos em BH uai..

  • Lebron vs Pacers.

  • Cavs don’t sniff the playoffs without lebron.

  • ✨SPRING SALE✨ 50% OFF + FREE SHIPPING IGNORE🚫: #MUFC #2DaysUntilNoTearsLeftToCry #Superman80 #GameStruck4 #3WordActOfKindness #IdLikeToBeRichEnoughTo #Riverdale #WhateverItTakes #TESS #EmpireFox Playoff Lebron King James Pacers 18 Oladipo Bautista.

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