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这名专业视频游戏选手因发表支持香港抗议活动言论,不仅被Activision Blizzard禁赛一年,还将他的奖金清零,并取消了他的大师赛参赛资格,该赛事给冠军的奖金为20万美元。这是美国跨国公司屈服于中国压力的又一起案例。.

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Interesting thread activision being naughty and leaking names..

#Activision anuncia una experiencia única para celebrar el lanzamiento de Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - - #CallOfDuty.

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@Teh_Pot_Farmer @charlieINTEL Keep in mind, Activision Blizzard are responsible for the mess that is BO4 and the scummy stuff they’re pulling off needs to stop. I’m not getting emotional, I’m just taking the chance to get involved..

Rockstar: Nuestro juego en pc pesa 150gb nadie tiene la polla y los huevos mas grandes que nosotros Activision: Hold my beer.

@GSNeverMind i agree, it a long term investment for sure, but knowing activision and how much their going to make off the game, and the league ik the prize pool isnt going to be justified but thats just my.

@IamPaigeJ Been downhill since Activision destroyed blizzard. Rehashing games with nothing new but skins and Easter eggs and micro transactions. Rip HOTS..

@CODMobile_ES De partida garena no es desarrollador de cod y solo es tencent con timi y activision es dueño del juego además si hay hack verán la modalidad con el ip lo más probable y eso de que garena es desarrollador de cod es falso.

@voxbetrippin @OogTheLegend There’s so much politics behind this, but for activision to generate 250ms from buy ins to make the prize pool only 6 million is blasphemy lol.

Wow. Prima Interactive has taken over the distribution of Activision and Ubisoft in South Africa, starting with Call of Duty. Quite the blow for Megarom, presumably?.

Hey #BoycottBlizzard friends! Heard of Tencent? They control 5% of Activision. Maybe that had something to do with the decision recently? Wanna know who else? 100% of Riot, 40% Epic, 5% Ubisoft, 80% PoE, 12% bluehole, 85% supercell, 5% paradox, and a HUGE investment in discord.👏.

Activision Blizzard confirms Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be 175GB on PC..

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Over a billion dollars in revenue 300 million from the buy in spots Yet only 6 million for the league @Activision pls explain.

Activision представила системные требования Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. В целом они достаточно скромные. Из интересного: требуется 175 гигабайт свободного места и видеокарта с поддержкой DirectX 12..

>blizzard >good company, not ea or activision, company that respects another person and supports it in difficult times not simillar @blizzard_ent , huh? #Blizzardboycott #blizzard.

Lo peor que pudo haber hecho Blizzard fue asociarse con Activision. Es más, estoy seguro que toda la polémica por el baneo del jugador de Hearthstone por sus dichos de Honk Kong es tema de Activision más que de Blizzard.

Never buy an Activision #Blizzard game ever again. Not like I was ever invested in them..

My hot take: if you play or buy @Activision #CallofDuty for a child, you are funding both the Communist China Party via @TencentGames and fueling the police state against the #FreeHongKong protesters..

Turkey, Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Activision Blizzard: Your Wednesday Briefing.

@PaulTassi Fuck this company. This is making me take serious consideration in never buying an Activision game again. And honestly, it wouldn’t take much of a push the way they treat their consumers..

@Son_Fero @BobbyKotick Bobby Kotick ist der Activision Blizzard CEO und verantwortet das alles Siehe mein anderer Tweet.

@Ota_Kuwolf @TheWolfenbach Right now, just anything Blizzard and Activision related. Though 10cent is the problem child and they own a lot, including Path of Exile and League of Legends..

@eternal_aranel lmao the fact that people are only now starting to understand that activision|blizzard are a steaming heap of garbage is honestly astonishing to me, like wbk tho.

@RoomHelper @AnsgarTOdinson Yeah no doubt. But now the world knows when the chips are down Activision will side with communist China..

Unreal. @Blizzard_Ent can get bent for bowing a knee to a communist gov’t afraid of Winnie the Pooh. Canceling my preorders. @Activision.

这名专业视频游戏选手因发表支持香港抗议活动言论,不仅被Activision Blizzard禁赛一年,还将他的奖金清零,并取消了他的大师赛参赛资格,该赛事给冠军的奖金为20万美元。这是美国跨国公司屈服于中国压力的又一起案例。.

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