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Tweet247 | Updated: Thu, 19 Apr 2018, 16:02 PM IST

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  • Just an FYI, but this means boycotting Twitter, Facebook, Coca Cola, Pepsi, AT&T, McDonald’s, Netflix, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, Boeing, Johnson and Johnson, Starbucks, Costco, Nike, and more..

  • #BTS Tops Amazon’s Best Sellers List Once Again With Pre-Orders For “Love Yourself: Tear”.

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  • これは便利! Amazonアプリで米Amazonの商品が注文可能に 日本円で決済可能、最短2日で到着 @itm_nlab.

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  • Journalists working the story of @telegram being blocked in Russia should be absolutely clear that if @Google and @Amazon halt its access to their cloud platform or remove the app from their stores, they are witting collaborators in a censorship campaign, not victims of it..

  • Trump’s recent tweeting is pretty clearly a sign of precipitous decline in office. Since I (literally) wrote the book on unfiltered outsider Presidents () this seems like the time for my first-ever Tweet storm:.

  • 「#アベンジャーズ インフィニティ・ウォー」公開記念🎉 @eigacom をフォロー&当ツイートをRTすると、抽選で5名様に「Amazonギフト券5000円分」が当たる🎁応募は5/13(日)まで‼️ 4/27(金)公開⚡️#0427ガチ全滅.

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  • Amazon made $ billion in 2017 and paid no federal income taxes. #TaxDay.

  • フォロー&RTでAmazonギフト券1,000円分が3名様に当たる! ①@sirabee_news をフォロー ②このツイートをRT で応募完了!締切は4/23(月)まで。厳正な抽選の上、当選者にはDMでご連絡します。ぜひ記事もRTを! #プレゼント #懸賞 #RTキャンペーン #しらべぇ.

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  • Trabajadores de Amazon orinan en botellas por miedo a ser despedidos.

  • Trabajadores de Amazon orinan en botellas por miedo a ser despedidos.

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  • @Tiger_sin0828 @2ER0DRAG0NBL00D @Hainebeyblade ですね! 本家の名前は で 使ってるのが なので、そんな会社名は 詐欺だそうです! 調べました(*≧∀≦*) お気をつけて🙌.

  • 南房総おいしいもの食べ隊 おみやげ(^^♪.

  • 『ヒゲ母ちゃんと娘さん』4巻、電子書籍で4/19配信です。あと2日!.

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  • Nem a morte foi capaz de separá-los. Venha para o Outro lado! Não tenha medo Precipício. Disponível no #kindleunlimited #romancenovels #euleionacionais #RomanceBooks #literatura #LeituraNoVagaoRJ #leituranovagao #romanceespirita #TercaDetremuraSDV.

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  • The #HouseofSin Countdown Is On!!!! Pre-Order FORBIDDEN: Amazon: iBooks: Nook: Kobo:.

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  • Así es como trabaja #Amazon en sus almacenes de logística.

  • @RBU6000 一部の書籍が消える消えないになるとこの先もなんとも言えないけどシステムとして潰れないってことを見るとAmazonくらいしか候補がなくなるのがなぁ.

  • @__alvez Não to tirando o mérito da Amazon. Porém tem muito backstage que a gente nem faz ideia, mas enfim, to falando só o problema dum mercado monopolizado e não querendo tirar mérito. Politicamente falando apenas.

  • Nameless Woman: An Anthology of Fiction by Trans Women of Color. Eds. Ellyn Peña, Venus Selenite, Jamie Berrout. Greatly expanded rerelease of the now unavailable TWoC Anthology. This has several speculative stories too!.

  • うたた寝しかけてたらAmazonから荷物届いて目覚めた.

  • アルコールは脳細胞の破壊をスピードアップしてしまうのです。これに、食事をきちんと取らないことによる栄養障害が加わって、ウェルニッケ・コルサコフ症候群や、ペラグラ脳症などの認知機能障害をきたす病気を招くことがあります。.

  • 今人舎。『小さくても大きな日本の会社力〈9〉考えたい!東日本復興のためにできること』坂本光司、同友館 @amazonJPさんから.

  • About to set up your Human Rights Committee for your #ICF as the #QIDP ? Introduction To Your Role As A Human Rights Committee Member.

  • She wasnt just there for his money! #mustread #readingnow #sexy.

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  • This flexi cam universal video baby monitor holder is now in the 🔥SALE for £🔥 REDUCED from £! The holder allows you to get the perfect view of your infant..

  • Compelling stories and real solutions for distracted driving. ➡.

  • I just entered to win a 25dollar amazon gift card thanks to @ddj12121985.

  • #KindleUnlimited readers: Read all four of my #histfic novels FREE! See them all at: Great for #WW2 and Vietnam war enthusiasts! #ASMSG #IARTG.

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  • @amazon @AmazonHelp No matter how many times I contact ur logistics dept n how many hours I waste of my time, ur Sunday @USPSHelp delivery n Chicago is incapable of their job This is how many misdelivered packages r @ my building right now #doyourjob #trainyourdriverstoread.

  • ¿Es este el modelo productivo de #Amazon?.

  • 【予約受付中】インフィニット・ストラトス 1/4スケール.

  • #SR Return Of The Phoenix #Video #TheSelectiveRecordsStreamTeam @SelectivRecord @Qwaatm @DrJimmyStar Itunes: Spotify: AMAZON: BeatPort:.

  • @LizzQuain @nytimes it doesnt take much smarts to sell shit on Amazon. Apparently youre only full of false stereotypes, because my clients arent smelly, gross or ugly. Majority are average looking, educated men abd about 30% of them are really attractive. id send pics but I maintain my clients.

  • After first day of blocking Telegram: RKN: - Blocked 2M+ Amazon IPs - Blocked 1M+ Google IPs - Sent proxy owners notifications that they are now supporting extremism - Broke Viber voice calls for Russian users Telegram: - Still works.