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And so @amnesty caves to a Russian smear campaign. A sad day

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236 News 🇨🇫
236 News 🇨🇫 ()

🇨🇫 @CorbeauNews #Centrafrique. Une enquête d’Amnesty révèle l’horreur de violences liées au conflit et aux élections

Uberbikegeek ()

@Russian_Starr I just don’t know what remaining “true to their values” means. Whatever they say about fighting for the immediate release of Navalny, there was definitely a change in the approach Amnesty took when they removed the designation from Mandela for advocating for sabotage.

Amnesty France
Amnesty France ()

.@CelineLST lance un appel pour que son mari, Ramy Shaath soit enfin libéré. Le défenseur des droits humains égypto-palestinien est détenu arbitrairement par les autorités égyptiennes depuis juillet 2019. Signez la pétition ! #FreeRamyShaath ()

8 years ago today, Kobe’s ‘Amnesty that’ game happened 🔥🐐

Kainené ()

Amnesty about to lose a quarter of its funding. Sorry to them

New York Post
New York Post ()

Amnesty International: Hackers attacking Vietnam dissidents

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Jorge Ferrer
Jorge Ferrer ()

Mientras jalea en España a uno q llama a pegar tiros en la nuca, Amnesty Int rescinds Alexey Navalny’s ‘prisoner of conscience’ status. A #Navalny, q lucha contra el despotismo. Eso, o sea nada, vale @amnistiaespana

Bashir Hoth
Bashir Hoth ()

@amnesty Put 22/feb iran saravans, Sistan,Balochistan incident on notice too. #LivesMatter @amnesty

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Julia Wraith
Julia Wraith ()

“initiated” attacks on security forces. Amnesty International’s allegation that the probe was a whitewash specifically set up to shield security forces from any criticism was unmentioned. Similarly, President Sisi telling US Congress in November 2016 that freedoms and human -

Narinj֍ ()

@KarenaAv @amnesty Without transparency, that kind of organization is much less effective if not useless. They could be completely transparent themselves but their interactions with governments and groups (especially dictatorial ones) are not and likely won’t be. So there is no point IMO.

Victoria Putro
Victoria Putro ()

Сейчас увидела аббревиатуру AI в значении amnesty international, а не artificial intelligence, как я привыкла, и кринжанула

Josef Benedict
Josef Benedict ()

Amnesty Tech investigation reveals hacking group Ocean Lotus is behind spyware attacks against #Vietnamese human rights activists

Raimo Kangasniemi
Raimo Kangasniemi ()

[PÉTITION] Libération immédiate pour Yasaman Aryani, défenseure des droits des femmes

Taura1959 ()

@CBluezhu @AOC Why should the get amnesty??? If I go to Mexico I get arrested. As in in most countries why should americans take in any illegals.

Almut Rochowanski
Almut Rochowanski ()

@denistrubetskoy @amnesty macht das jetzt schon 70 Jahre, wir koennen davon ausgehen, dass sie sich lange und gut ueberlegt haben, wen/wann/warum sie zum prisoner of conscience erklaeren (oder eben nicht). Klug im Sinne von politisch guenstig darf dabei keine Rolle spielen.

Rapture Forums
Rapture Forums ()

Senator With Illegal Alien Child Molester Intern Introduces Biden’s Illegal Alien Amnesty

Ping Lin 🍎🗽🧢🐪
Ping Lin 🍎🗽🧢🐪 ()

@anneapplebaum @amnesty How is this man less of a prisoner of conscience? What a grave mistake by AI. And I was a proud member of AI for many years.

Debbie Quick
Debbie Quick ()

@MHackman Wonder if Bell would say same thing now? Amnesty International USA, which believes the border crisis has been “manufactured” by the Trump administration and that detention facilities should be shut down and only utilized as the last resort.

Baron Vowke - Sultan of Coalz On
Baron Vowke - Sultan of Coalz On ()

@WgtnCC I have you parking bay sign. I will exchange it for an amnesty on all future parking tickets. I will not negotiate. You have 24hrs.

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EVA Nigōki
EVA Nigōki ()

¿Contiene tu teléfono cobalto extraído por niños y niñas en la República Democrática del Congo?

Timvieth ()

@anneapplebaum @amnesty Pathetic organization hopefully things like this will help more people will understand this.

Thor Halvorssen
Thor Halvorssen ()

@juliaioffe I think the message is quite clear. Amnesty Internarional appears to have canceled itself. Navalny remains a heroic legend.

Daily Tribune
Daily Tribune ()

Amnesty on unpaid ticket late fees in Ferndale, Madison Heights, Hazel Park

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Jack MacDonald
Jack MacDonald ()

@NoYardstick Amnesty are just another deranged hypocritical leftist mob that kowtow to genocidal regimes and despots.

Ursita Gravril
Ursita Gravril ()

@anneapplebaum @amnesty Amnesty has no reputation any longer, in Argentina they campaigned for Milagros Salas, a common thief

Kajamaru ()

@KS1729 Today I am automatically suspicious of English speaking elites, since all they care abt is their own progress. Arnab named his son Che, kapil misra was with Amnesty International, Barkha and Shekhar worked with NDTV etc but look how conveniently they have changed sides.

Norbert Sauer
Norbert Sauer ()

Vietnam: Hacker-Angriffe auf vietnamesischen Menschenrechtler in Deutschland

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Gene Savitski
Gene Savitski ()

То, что Навальный хз когда сдуру сказанул нечто отвратительное, отнюдь не значит, что сегодня его не чморят по политическим мотивам. Amnesty International в очередной раз обосралась. Идиоты. Полезные идиоты.

Anne Applebaum
Anne Applebaum ()

And so @amnesty caves to a Russian smear campaign. A sad day

AIT ()

Niger Delta Agitators Threaten to begin hostilities. Demand Federal Government presence in the Region. Accuse FG of Breaching Amnesty Agreement.

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