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The people rioting across America are Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden supporters. Remember that when you vote in November.

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Matt barnes ()

@SenSanders Thank you for fanning the flames Business owners struggling to keep their businesses from collapsing during the Covid crisis are appreciative too

Danger Plus Trouble ()

Bernie Sanders campaign worker recommending violently destroying “capitalist” property. I can’t believe how stupid I was when I supported Sanders, donating to the “cause” like a good little sheep up until 3 months ago.

Matt Bacon ()

@AwardsDaily Bernie Sanders publicly mentioned George Floyd by name for the first time the morning after the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis, which took place days after protesting first began.

Tyler Gray ()

These weak ass liberals wanted THIS dude? Instead of Bernie?!????!!???!!?

Pedro Azevedo 🇧🇷 ()

Lembrando que o Barack Obama e a Hillary Clinton são dois lixos que fizeram lobby para o Bernie Sanders n ser o candidato democrata.

🇺🇸Old King Cole Was a Merry Old Soul🇺🇸 ()

While Bernie Sanders was pushing his radical socialist agenda for two consecutive election cycles the media & his fellow representatives in congress snickered and scoffed--but millions of 16 -24 year old impressionable kids listened!

Austin ()

It should’ve been Bernie this is fucking depressing and it’s just gonna get even worse

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? 🌹 ()

@Leefellerguy If she does I won’t think any less of her. Bernie, Tulsi, Ilhan, Jayapal, Ro Khanna, Rashida, AOC all endorses the Dems over MAGA. Seems like a lot of people want Trump again because they want to “own the Libs.” Trump hates the left. He wants to do violence on us.

Rosinante ()

@Gashiani1 Jusqu’à mtn je n’ai toujours pas compris pq Bernie a quitté la course 😩

Scott Smith ()

@BarackObama you had 8 years to do something. Instead, inequality soared under your watch, hundreds of black men were still murdered by police, you helped Hillary hand us off to tRump and you swore to stop Bernie. #ThanksObama

Lexy ✺ 🍉 ()

@BEJUSTFlNE exactly! i was team bernie the whole time (and still am) but after watching how trump is handeling covid and everything happening, biden is our only hope i feel like

._. ()

donald trump rapes children joe biden rapes women hillary clinton was aware that her husband was raping children with jeffrey epstein. how do people not see this???? how was bernie the only fucking candidate with a moral conscience voted out?????

Mark Dice ()

The people rioting across America are Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden supporters. Remember that when you vote in November.

Briahna Joy Gray ()

Lots of good ideas over on the Bernie platform page. I’d love to see fewer platitudes and more talking in these terms.

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Bernard B. Kerik ()

Bernie Kerik: FBI Must Investigate Who Is Funding Antifa Terrorism

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