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9 years ago today: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was first revealed.

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Jennifer Carroll Foy
Jennifer Carroll Foy ()

When I announced I was running for Governor of Virginia some said they weren’t ready for a Black woman Governor. They told me to wait my turn. But the time is now. We have 93K followers. We need 100K. RT, follow this account & tell everyone you know to do the same to make history

우주소녀 ()

[#WJSN] WJSN THE BLACK FIRST SINGLE ALBUM #MyAttitude THE MOOD : #Easy COMING SOON 🖤 ▶ ▶ #우주소녀 #WJSN_TheBlack #우주소녀_더블랙 #TheBlack #더블랙

Andy Ngô
Andy Ngô ()

Shocking surveillance video shows a black man repeatedly punching an Asian man pushing a stroller in a random, unprovoked attack in San Francisco. Sidney Hammond was arrested. He was recently released after getting arrested for burglary. #StopAsianHate

Andy Ngô
Andy Ngô ()

.@NYPDHateCrimes has released footage of a hammer attack on two Asian women by a black female suspect. The assault occurred on 2 May at 411 W 42 St. One of the victims suffered a laceration on her head. #StopAsianHate

Call of Duty News
Call of Duty News ()

9 years ago today: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 was first revealed.

Dave Rubin
Dave Rubin ()

Lady who has done blackface explains systemic racism to black

Pam Keith, Esq.
Pam Keith, Esq. ()

The GOP literally put a Black man on TV last night to tell Black people to shut up about racism.

Andy Ngô
Andy Ngô ()

Breaking: The black male who beat a 61-year-old Asian male, kicking him multiple times in the head, on 23 April in NYC, has been arrested and charged with felony assault as a hate crime. His name has not been released. #StopAsianHate

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The Associated Press
The Associated Press ()

BREAKING: FBI announces federal civil rights investigation into fatal shooting of Andrew Brown Jr., the Black man killed by North Carolina deputies. An independent autopsy shows that he was shot five times, including in the back of the head.

Cori Bush
Cori Bush ()

We cannot achieve justice after the police kill us. Justice is Black people getting to enjoy our youth, grow old, and live our lives free of police violence.

لی لی رُز
لی لی رُز ()

@black_and_empty @Saman_830 حالا قرار نیس برا همه اینجوری باشه.پسر مارو منصرف نکن😐😪

MOON3 ()


Lefty St James
Lefty St James ()

@hidden_donkey Niggas On This App Like They Only Listen To Royce And Black Lol HHT Niggas Be Bumping The Allegory When The Bitches Around

@ijbailey ()

I can say this with confidence: Without the organization, planning and energy of Black Lives Matter, Democrats likely would not be in charge of the Senate or maybe the House and White House right now, despite all the anti-woke talk from political strategists and analysts. ()

Lawyers: Pathologist says Black man shot 5 times by deputies

Alex Askew
Alex Askew ()

Black women in VA die in child rebirth at 3x the rate of any other race. We must look critically @ the biases & societal factors that undergird this fact — & continue to spread awareness abt the disparities that Black women face in our health care system.

Bird ()

If in doubt, wear black But I doubt if anyone knows this black.

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. W A V
. W A V ()

@__kingmoney__ Tabitha Robinson aka DreamDoll is not Hispanic she is mixed with black and white lmao what are you talking about ? You have no evidence to back this up.

Paimon-Style 🧚🏻‍♀️✨
Paimon-Style 🧚🏻‍♀️✨ ()

does anyone else have “weird” food combos that they don’t know why, but when you cook something, something else *always* has to go with it?? mine is a side of black beans with my fish(less) filets. idk why, but i always need a side of black beans when i make this lol

ashlee 🔆
Ashlee 🔆 ()

I still don’t get how my husband who is black thinks our biracial children don’t need sunblock. Sir. Your nieces that aren’t biracial got sunburnt. Guess who didn’t though? Our kids 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ you’re welcome.

“Fight for the things you care about.” RBG
“Fight for the things you care about.” RBG ()

The United States of America held accountable for #crimesagainsthumanity in how POC are murdered by the police and rarely held accountable! Finally!

💙♥️Megami Infini♥️💙 VTuber Speedrunner
💙♥️Megami Infini♥️💙 VTuber Speedrunner ()

Is this thing like stereotypical thiefwear in Japan? Like black eye mask here in the west?

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🇩🇴Gantzishome@400° ()

@neekolul LOL bitch please unless you get views or Clout you don’t care. There is black and brown kids on this app being treated worse but your sick ass not saying shit for them. Only someone as soulless as you would look at this moment to gain Twitter and twitch followers.

🗯 ()

i can understand where you’re coming from on this but i CANNOT listen to owen. the way he talked trash abt blm and black lives in general pisses me off and enrages me so profoundly.

P R I N C E 🌹
P R I N C E 🌹 ()

2 cups of Kopiko Black in less than an hour. Am I still breathing? Or just palpitating? 💀

Dr. President-Erect BlueWave 2024
Dr. President-Erect BlueWave 2024 ()

🌊🌈🛁🌊News: Peaceful black man helps NYPD detective remove a fly off of his head. Detective ungrateful. Hugs and cookies

aya Mahmoud
Aya Mahmoud ()

ادخلوا شوفوا صفحتي انه عيد عيد ميلادي ❤️😂😂😂😂

my hope only Allah
My hope only Allah ()

@PoliceNG Ya’juj and Ma’juj are of 2 colours, black and white. They have some anger inside them against humans, and they will come to take revenge and spread across all the world. Muhammad Qasim has seen dreams of the events of end times. Learn more at

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#HotgirlSi aka #SithePony aka #PimpSi
#HotgirlSi aka #SithePony aka #PimpSi ()

This is exactly what it is. These niggas very much so know that Black people are sensitive about race and their are people who actually want to learn and they take advantage of it

cats and cats and crabs
Cats and cats and crabs ()

I gave up yesterday on trying to model binary black holes Who knew physics was tough

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