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BREAKING: President Trump says issuing emergency order grounding all Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 aircraft after Ethiopia crash.

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Despega sin pasajeros a Bruselas Boeing 737 MAX desviado el martes a Alicante.

Malaysia’s national carrier said in an email it “had started its process of due diligence to ascertain future operations of the Boeing 737 MAX in light of the recent incidents.” The airline said it is currently reviewing its overall 737 MAX program. #Safetyfirst.

The crash of a Max 8 being flown by Ethiopian Airlines that killed 157 people on Sunday has some in the aviation industry questioning whether pilots need to learn more manual skills and rely less on automation in the planes..

The plane oscillated by hundreds of feet, at abnormal speed. Clearly it was never a failure of pilot training. Hopefully Boeing will be forced to answer how much it knew about these flaws before marketing this jet..

Numerosos países castigan la compañía estadounidense #Boeing tras la caída de uno de sus aparatos 737 MAX 8 en un vuelo de Ethiopian Airlines. Ver Reportaje:.

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Many modern airliners are capable of taking off, flying and landing without any human assistance. <--- Stopped reading as soon as I hit this..

Tous les Boeing 737 Max immobilisés pour au moins « plusieurs semaines ».

Hear that? That’s the sound of dozens of Business Ethics textbook editors hastily scratching out their Ford Pinto case study to make space for the Boeing 737 Max 8..

Miembros de la compañía etíope habían reconocido que no tenían la capacidad de analizar las cajas negras del avión #Boeing737 accidentado. [ct].

#Boeing737Max Donald Trump a voulu répondre à une hystérie générale selon @PeurAvion.

Boeing’s troubles are just beginning! Norwegian Air’s seeking compensation from Boeing over the grounding of 737 Max jets. They have 18 of the them in their 163-aircraft fleet. Norwegian Air’s the 1st airline to demand that @Boeing compensate them for lost revenue..

France begins analysis of black boxes from Ethiopian Airlines crash.

Colombia prohíbe operación y sobrevuelos de aeronaves Boeing 737 Max.

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Россия запретила полеты Boeing 737 MAX после авиакатастрофы в Эфиопии.

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Japan bans Boeing 737 MAX planes from its airspace.

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Россия запретила полеты Boeing 737 MAX над своей территорией Фото: Elaine Thompson / AP.

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Los medios de comunicación de referencia internacional destacan la decisión de Donald Trump de cerrar el cielo a los aviones 737 MAX de la compañía estadounidense Boeing.

President Trump orders Boeing 737 Max 8 planes grounded.

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Family members mourn for their loved ones at site where an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed on Sunday. #EthiopianAirlineCrash.

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Trump did make the right move on the Boeing 737 Max planes until we can fix the flaw. #Hannity.

พบข้อมูลนักบินในสหรัฐหลายคน ร้องเรียนปัญหาที่พบระหว่างการขับ โบอิ้ง 737 MAX 8 เช่น หลังเปิดระบบ autopilot เครื่องก็ลดระดับลง จนนักบินต้องปิด autopilot แล้วบังคับยกขึ้นเอง ขณะนี้มีมากกว่า 40 ประเทศที่ระงับ ไม่ต้อนรับ Boeing 737 Max 8 รุ่นนี้ เข้าในน่านฟ้า.

American Air, Southwest rush to fill gaps as Boeing 737 Max grounded.

#FAA statement on the temporary grounding of @Boeing 737 MAX aircraft operated by airlines or in a territory..

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BREAKING: President Trump says issuing emergency order grounding all Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 aircraft after Ethiopia crash.

NEW: @Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg spoke by phone with TRUMP this , urging him not to ground 737 Max 8s after Sunday’s crash. * Muilenburg has tried to cultivate Trump. He visited Mar-a-Lago after AF1 dust-up, & Boeing donated $1M to Trump inaugural..

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