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Introducing the 2020/21 Chelsea Academy scholars! 👨‍🎓

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Ray ()

¿Cuál es tu equipo favorito de las 5 grandes ligas? Los míos: 🇪🇦 Barcelona 🇮🇹 🤐 🇬🇧 Chelsea 🇨🇵 🤪🤪 🇩🇪 BVB Nomino a quien esté dispuesto a hacerlo:

Absolute Chelsea
Absolute Chelsea ()

What Frank Lampard had to say on speculation linking Kai Havertz to Chelsea. #CFC | @ChelseaFC

FCBarcelonaFl #StayHome 🏡
FCBarcelonaFl #StayHome 🏡 ()

📆 If Barça eliminate Napoli in the Champions League round of 16, they will face Chelsea or Bayern Munich in the quarterfinals between August 12th-15th #culers

Frank Khalid
Frank Khalid ()

Chelsea have 4 games left & if we can win 3 of those games, I am sure that will guarantee top 4. We have the added cushion knowing that if Man City’s ban is confirmed that 5th will also get @ChampionsLeague position. This would be an amazing achievement by Frank Lampard. 💙 #CFC

✭ Wayne Dupree ✭
✭ Wayne Dupree ✭ ()

Imagine if the story I am about to tell you involved Ivanka and Ghislaine, instead of Chelsea and IMAGINE 🤔

Sb Orlando🇬🇭😊💉
Sb Orlando🇬🇭😊💉 ()

The Benin trip de3 if I go come ah I go buy the Chelsea team and make it handball team Barca de3 i go buy and sack Messi for Christian Atsu😂

Indiana Authors Awards
Indiana Authors Awards ()

@ChelseaDSutton Greetings, Chelsea! My system is bringing up The Complete Guide to Indiana State Parks by Nathan Strange. 🥾 Thanks for stopping by! 🤖📚

3aza ()

@UtdDxn Leicester still have Sheffield and Spurs? and Chelsea have Wolves left as We really have the easiest fixtures

Legacy ()

@55dipietro5 @happyman27_ I dont really like to do those big bets, but I got a combo bet on Watford + Chelsea + Lazio with 40€ (irl bet), so yikes

Anthony Peter Dawson
Anthony Peter Dawson ()

Chelsea vs Crystal Palace Live Stream 🅻🅸🆅🅴 🔥 LINK 1 👉 LINK 2 👉 #CRYCِHE 💥 #$ 🅻🅸🆅🅴 🔥 htfeds

Chelsea FC
Chelsea FC ()

Introducing the 2020/21 Chelsea Academy scholars! 👨‍🎓

Mwas Mchelsea
Mwas Mchelsea ()

Chelsea Today, Chelsea Tomorrow, Chelsea Forever!!! 💙 🎶 @ChelseaFC Anthem 🎶

Williams CFC©️
Williams CFC©️ ()

The possibility of head coach Frank Lampard trying to sign a new goalkeeper may rest on whether or not Chelsea are prepared to pay a percentage of Kepa Arrizabalaga’s wages to loan him out. [Telegraph]

YouTube: Canal do VSR
YouTube: Canal do VSR ()

Hakimi na Inter de Milão. Valor de 40 milhões de euros, com 5mi de variáveis. Hakimi evoluiu demais como ala no Dortmund. Encaixa perfeitamente no q pretende Conte, um técnico q faz alas crescerem demais (ex. Alonso no Chelsea). Tem tudo para dar certo.

FutFem Internacional
FutFem Internacional ()

🇸🇪Sigue estando a un gran nivel. Y para mí la única pega que tiene es que ya tiene 37 años. Presumiblemebte el motivo por el que Chelsea y Wolfsburgo no le han renovado en los últimos 2 años. No lo ha hecho nada mal como solución de emergencia ante la baja de Schult en las lobas

Kate ()

Are you telling me I have a Chelsea supporting nephew and now a gooner for a fucking niece? I’m done

Chelsea Фото
Moore Granno🌍
Moore Granno🌍 ()

And it will be in this order at the end 3—Man utd 4—Chelsea 5—Wolves 6—Leicester 7—Arsenal

Aaron 👑
Aaron 👑 ()

@CFCRob_ Leicester have been so shit since the restart, can fully see them dropping behind Chelsea and united

neobi ♝
Neobi ♝ ()

@98zleejuice + Lonely alone by Chelsea cutler City song by grace vanderwaal I dont even know my name by grace vanderwaal 1sided love by blackbear

Chelsea Фото

Kuna watu wanateseka sana na hii timu anaanza kuwalaum Westham kwani wana kosa gani. @bob_mchelsea unaangalia mpira au untetea taifa bro maana sikuoniii banda umizaa #WHUCHE FT: Westham 1-3 Chelsea

Chelsea Фото

@jahrzc @InvictosSomos De risa totalmente, si quieren que su proyecto tenga exito el equipo se construye de atras hacia adelante y el Chelsea esta haciendo todo lo contrario. No puedes competir contra el Liverpool o Man City con esa defensa y en especial ese portero. Que horror da Kepa!

Juho⚒️🇫🇮 ()

@Lobo7100 @ExWHUemployee Yeah. There have been so many clear and obvious errors made by var. If Chelsea scored our first goal it would never have been ruled out. Guaranteed.

Indraraj warrier
Indraraj warrier ()

@Chelsea_HQ Soucek has about a foot and a half above azpi. No point blaming him. Should be looking at how we setup

. ()

Terrible corner conceded by Rudiger for d and I’m supposed to believe this guys is Chelsea’s beat defender?😳🤦‍♂️

Matthew ()

#WHUCHE This is were u use the shhhsshshshssh in fifa a corrupt decision chelsea get a bs goal and my man soucek scores.

Biodesagradável ()

Não sei até que ponto é só falta de treinamento essa bola parada do Chelsea, sério. Os caras são muito ruins.

Pejuang Subuh
Pejuang Subuh ()

Kelemahan chelsea di babak pertama selalu sama. Terjadi dua gol, walaupun satu yang sah. Yok lah berbenah, Giroud mesti masuk buat ganti tammy. Babak dua biasanya golin terus. Yok optimis tiga poin yok #WHUCHE

Russell Hammant
Russell Hammant ()

Chelsea knew they were losing Courtois months before he left, they knew it - and they panic brought Kepa for his min fee, after Zidane pulled the plug on Real getting him for 20m. Just crazy decision making.

M.S 🪐
M.S 🪐 ()

Lampard on match day 32 hasn’t taught his players to defend set pieces and people think Chelsea are back DFKM.

Chelsea Fans Brasil
Chelsea Fans Brasil ()

@andresmoptop @_paulo_andrade_ Sim, tática, a organização defensiva do Chelsea está bastante frágil.

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