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And that’s how to score your first goal for Chelsea! ☄ Take a bow, @fikayotomori_! 👏.

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@XXRFanAccount chelsea beat james dean, did you get into that fight what the bald shirtless guy?.

@HinduMonkey Think Id be more likely to get Pukki just because of the ownership and the fact that, for some reason, I still dont know about.

Match of the day commentator banging on about the 3 Chelsea kids. Tomori and Abraham are both 22, while Mount is 20. All 3 played 30/40 last season. Hardly 17 year old kids are they..

Hari yang menyenangkan buat para pemuda the Blues! 💥 Simak laporan pertandingan tadi malam 👇 #WOLCHE #CFCIndo.

@ghaccount Yeah I’ve noticed that, but I don’t think it’s all false. Because the fall spoilers do say that nick crosses the line that jeopardizes his relationship with Chelsea which probably does involve.

READ full emai!l (link below) Agents talking about my son, journalist Julian Assange & his family. Thank information activist Jeremy #Hammond for exposing it! Jeremy jailed for10 years! Now like Chelsea Manning resisting coercion to falsely incriminate Julian! #FreeHammond.

Wedding & Celebrating Lexi’s 11th birthday at 37 weeks pregnant this is a rare occasion I’ve done my hair & makeup while getting dressed up 🖤 three weeks & my little mister will be here 🥰.

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@Miss_Sadie_V And I’m no Chelsea fan but really, really enjoyed (in a very unwholesome way) them sticking 5 past Wolves today. And no, I can’t explain it x.

New Chelsea Wolfe album to haunt my ears this Saturday play..

@EfcOlly Wolves to win the Europa league and get relegated 🤣🤣 Wolves have already played us, chelsea and united so far tho tbf.

sigh chelsea agenda isn’t even under wraps anymore 7 goal thriller aint enough for these man.

And that’s how to score your first goal for Chelsea! ☄ Take a bow, @fikayotomori_! 👏.

Chelsea’s first eight Premier League goals under Frank Lampard: ⚽️ Mount ⚽️ Abraham ⚽️ Mount ⚽️ Abraham ⚽️ Abraham ⚽️ Abraham ⚽️ Tomori ⚽️ Abraham All English, all academy graduates, all under the age of 22. 🔵.

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5 ⏰ Les 🐺 sont bien mieux rentrés dans le match que Chelsea. #WOLCHE #LiveChelseaFrance.

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Chelsea Handler Travels America Apologizing for Her White Privilege in Netflix Doc: ‘I Want to Know How to Be a Better White Person’ via @BreitbartNews.

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Really touching Alonso is getting to play for Chelsea through the make a wish foundation how sweet is that.

How to piss off northerners in a hotel abroad step 1: go to the bar half hour before kick off and ask them to show the Chelsea game instead of utd 🤙.

🔵 Wolves vs Chelsea ___ v Tottenham vs Crystal Palace🔵 📍 LIVE PL Stadium♥ Live HD Stream From Stadium ➤ ➤ PC LIVE STREAM ➤ ➤ Mobile: 1: 2: #TOTCِRY #WOLCْHE.

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Are they actually joking? Chelsea are notorious for not giving young players a chance and loaning them out for a season, they have been forced to use them as they have a transfer ban..

Wolves vs Chelsea Live HD Stream Mobile/Console 1: 2: 3: PC Hits Like & Retweet #WOLُCHE.

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My documentary ‘Hello Privilege, It’s Me Chelsea’ is streaming now on @Netflix! A As a white person, we need to learn that it’s not the jobs of people of color to educate us. We need to educate ourselves about privilege. We need to step up and take responsibility..

This is my ex-boyfriend from high school, Tyshawn. We reunited to discuss our past and the different directions our lives took. I went to Los Ángeles, and Tyshawn went to prison | Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea. Now streaming on @netflix #HelloPrivilegeItsMeChelsea.

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