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Updated: August 3rd, 2021 05:37 PM IST

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Mr Modi and his minions have ceded thousands of km of Indian land to China. When exactly are we getting it back?

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@Mahavir_Aamir @taran_adarsh Yea even I am fan of aamir khan bro, finnest actor from north, there is a reason for his craze in china

Pasen listaaaa quien ya viendo el Presente la china centella Queretana ⚡ ☝🏻

@jaganmsna @goldchest4 These days, problems first tend to appear in China first 🤪.

Una china acaba de levantar 180 kilogramos como si nada y yo no puedo destapar un frasco de mermelada Marolio

Pay attention to this China is Buying Up American Farms - ⁦@HumanEvents⁩

LAC विवाद पर भारत-चीन का ज्वाइंट स्टेटमेंट जारी @AbhishekBhalla7

Los científicos han encontrado virus de casi años de antigüedad en dos muestras de hielo tomadas de la meseta tibetana en China. La mayoría de esos virus, que sobrevivieron porque habían permanecido congelados, son diferentes a otros virus catalogados hasta la fecha.

China Фото,China Тwitter тенденция - верхние твиты

Mr Modi and his minions have ceded thousands of km of Indian land to China. When exactly are we getting it back?

China Фото,China Тwitter тенденция - верхние твиты

The arrival of new Chinese Ambassador to the United States Qin Gang comes at a critical moment in relations, experts say

China Фото,China Тwitter тенденция - верхние твиты

China is studying if it’s necessary to give Covid-19 booster vaccine shots to vulnerable groups

Si nieva es por culpa del cambio climático. Si no nieva también. Si hay lluvias torrenciales es por el cambio climático. Si hay una sequía también. Si hace calor, cambio climático. Frío, también. Todo es el cambio climático. Por supuesto lo causa usted. De China no

23 de las 25 ciudades que más contaminan en el mundo están en la China comunista responsable del COVID Que llamen a sus puertas los inquisidores de la religión climática y dejen en paz a nuestros agricultores, nuestros ganaderos y nuestras industrias.

Aos vacinoplanistas: a segunda dose também contém um chip? Que complementa o chip da primeira? Só a primeira tem chip? Que chip? Elma Chips? Cabe na seringa? Quem bota Elma Chips na seringa? Qual objetivo? A China quer ver meu colesterol e localização?

Partido Comunista da China assume controle da maior companhia de eletricidade do Chile

Gold medallist Yang Qian’s ‘lucky’ hair clip sparks accessory boom in China

@69bengal Not whole world I think China and its allies at that time were against

China rolling out the carpet for the people trying to send Afghanistan back a few centuries. Just another example of the non-imperialist country in action.

...and yet Dr. Fauci, to this day, believes the US Taxpayer should still fund the Wuhan institute because China is where the bats are that harbor coronavirus. (watch him dance around on this subject last Sunday’s CNN)

China have equalised against the Netherlands, although I doubt that’ll last long knowing the Dutch side. #Tokyo2020


Tô tranquila pq se perder algum set é estratégia do veio pra não pegar a China, confia no Zé

BOOOOOOOOM! 💣💥💣💥 Nice and easy winner there for us in China 🇨🇳 Also a very nice win streak forming for me here as well 🤩

China Фото,China Тwitter тенденция - верхние твиты

i think it’ll be between ms china and ms philippine they just lifted double their royalty i fear

GOI is clueless on how to handle China. Ignoring their actions now will cause huge problems in the future.

China Фото,China Тwitter тенденция - верхние твиты

En los últimos años se han instalado cientos de granjas en toda la región para satisfacer las necesidades del mercado asiático. Estos criaderos de cerdos han traído conflictos ambientales y sociales en distintas comunidades. Por @ignaciodealba

It proved again that #China and #Pakistan are the most trustworthy good neighbors, good friends and good brothers to each other. The friendship between China and Pakistan is unbreakable.

China Фото,China Тwitter тенденция - верхние твиты

TRUMP: China has to pay us retribution for unleashing the China Virus.

Update on Mixing Vaccines: Thailand, Indonesia & UAE recommending a booster shot of mRNA or AZ vaccine AFTER a full course of Sinopharm/Sinovac China and others will likely follow With Delta spreading despite Chinese vaccines, this seems inevitable

🚨🇦🇫Taliban terrorists captured 500 ISIS terrorists in #Afghanistan. The ISIS jihadists captured are from France, #Indonesia Turkey, China and Kazakhstan.

Trailer for The Harper House, the new show from Brad Neely (China, IL and Sclopio Peepio). Premieres on Paramount+ September 16.

China today unfortunately demonstrates a basic truth that America’s Founders understood: when nations disregard religious freedom, tyranny will soon follow.

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