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Shield your eyes, here’s the Premier League since Christmas Day.

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Andrea Johannessen
Andrea Johannessen ()

@samfielder22 @AGuyNamedNam Every year at Christmas I’m reminded of how hard it is!

🇬🇧 Pesto Champion ⭐ Blogger ⭐
🇬🇧 Pesto Champion ⭐ Blogger ⭐ ()

Our favorite Christmas lunch for 2018! . Click link to watch the video ▶ . #food #pestochampion

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Chris®️ ()

@DwightCorby @BLMC1122 Ya wtf is with you guys? I see like 3 different trucks a day. You also get Christmas help, I wish I got a helper. 🤨

Michaela ()

Spider-Man: Home for the Holidays Get it?... because it takes place around Christmas I’ll take my exit 🚶‍♀️

Josh Williams
Josh Williams ()

Shield your eyes, here’s the Premier League since Christmas Day.

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Books and Wine
Books and Wine ()

When your Christmas cards come back undelivered. What’s the point, really?

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Scott Kain
Scott Kain ()

Gavin Strachan must be like a kid at Christmas when the latest IOS update gets released #celtic

MagiKids, AKA Strixhaven🦉
MagiKids, AKA Strixhaven🦉 ()

You would’ve thought it was Christmas. The kids spent lots of time building decks and playing. They even took their decks with them upon release—three so far. ❤️

Tina Stay The F**k Home Beck 💙🏳️‍🌈
Tina Stay The F**k Home Beck 💙🏳️‍🌈 ()

@johndmccormick I recorded over 60 episodes of Tales of the Unexpected on Sky Arts before Christmas 😁

Kris ()

It is my literal dream to have a basement with wood paneled walls & christmas lights with a bar stock full of spirits & syrups so I can make anyone a drink both alcoholic & non-alcoholic. oh & have high top tables for people to play games on.

CT ()

I clicked this expecting not to see any evidence. In stead it’s full of fans actually turning on smith. Villa are 8th with 2 games in hand over most. After surviving relegation, after getting promoted when at Christmas we were mid table. The poison in the fan base is mad.

Cimminnee Holt
Cimminnee Holt ()

@davescustomxxx @HeatherHeight Damn. Canada’s entire vaccination rollout stalled sometime after Christmas and we haven’t heard a damn thing since. We too, are not exactly repaired.

Asies ()

@CACTVSJACK Just finished listening to WLR, currently lost for words man, crying real tears carti bro, this is quite possibly, quite literally, sincerely, the worst possible music I have ever heard. My ears are dripping with blood, currently on my way to the emergency room on Christmas Day.

Steve Leavis
Steve Leavis ()

@bornblonde12 Work pants. Sports pants. Going out pants, Christmas comedic pants and, of course my lucky scoring pants.

David S
David S ()

guess I should take my Christmas decorations down now😁⛄🌲🎄❄️☃️

Liverpool Echo
Liverpool Echo ()

Cases rose before Christmas but thankfully the city region has seen things head in the right direction recently

赤の女王 ()

@OO95655278 @gerogeroR NHKも、『子供向け』としてのアニメ枠は一応あったけど、どっちかといえばNHKの中でも忌避されてたような雰囲気はあったね… ふたを開けてみれば、『とことん◯◯』とか『BSアニメ夜話』『BSマンガ夜話』といった、むしろサブカルにどっぷりハマってた大人が喜ぶ番組始めて、ビックリしましたが🤣🤣🤣

♡ ()

can you steal the vmin christmas song flash drive for me thank you

Team Mom
Team Mom ()

@CO0483T Sasqwatch your Heart Bigfoot to Love Love on Bigfoot Ridge Harry and Bright Christmas

ً ()

feminism truly ruining tv shows like i should’ve gotten to see josie slut shame hope after the christmas episode.

Sorry_OhWait_Nope ()

Sitting in the corner of the bar, taking over touch definitely keep playing Christmas do something about it

🏆Rehabilitated Worky🏆
🏆Rehabilitated Worky🏆 ()

This the same Syndergaard that cried foul play because the Dodgers lit his ass up like a Christmas Tree?

Aoife :D
Aoife :D ()

I seriously hope the footage of me receiving my Wii for Christmas is out there somewhere

ben 🐙🌙☀️
Ben 🐙🌙☀️ ()


mallory 💌|| worst behavior
Mallory 💌|| worst behavior ()

i ordered these on christmas and they were supposed to ship on the 15th. has anyone gotten theirs ho ordered around the same time?

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Kaitlan Collins
Kaitlan Collins ()

Biden is hesitant to overpromise on coronavirus. He repeats that he thinks vaccines will hit 300 mil by July, but notes it could slide due to unexpected delays. “God willing, this Christmas will be different than the last. But I can’t make that commitment to you,” Biden says.

emily nichols ☼
Emily nichols ☼ ()

Can someone help me understand why people still have their Christmas lights not just up still, but ON!? I mean I don’t hate looking at them, just curious why

Nicole Minnich
Nicole Minnich ()

@jordynmoussa My mom bought me the boxed set this year for Not remembering that she had done it like 3-4 years prior. Clearly she knows how much I love that show. 😂

Cheyenne ()

@yashar I was laid off the week before Christmas. Thank you for doing this!

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Gerry D
Gerry D ()

@piersmorgan Yeah, like hypocrites who went on holiday to Antigua at Christmas, without a vaccination? Hypocrite.

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